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Last updated on May 9, 2018

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Adaglossum Summit ‘French Town’ AM/AOS Ada keiliana x Odm bictoniense Sepals and petals dark chocolate; lip gold with red-ochre veins and overlay, callus white; substance hard; texture satiny. Mericlone $32-35 fs

Currently Unavailable

Aliceara (Beallara) Lunatic Fringe 'Ikes Yikes' Oncidium Helen Perlite x Aliceara Tropic Splendor Large star shaped flowers with petals and sepals white heavily overlaid with deep purple maroon markings and a white lip with a yellow center also accented by large purple drops. $28 fs


Very Limited

Aliceara Mervyn Grant ‘Talisman Cove’ Mtssa Star Fighter x Onc Crispum Mericlone. Petals & sepals are yellow covered with oxblood blotches; lip yellow with pink blush; good substance and a crystalline texture. $28-34 fs
Aliceara (Beallara) Pacific Pastel 'Mauna Loa' Aliceara Tropic Splendor x Oncidium Connero The large flowers have cream petals and sepals with the occasional plum purple spot and a large white lip accented by plum purple spots $28-30  fs
Aliceara Sunday Best 'Ontario' HCC/AOS Brsdm Gilded Urchin x Milt spectabilis Sepals & petals brown, dark burgundy blotches on basal half; lip rose-pink with white edged burgundy spots around a yellow and brown callus.

$28-32 fs


Bakerara Roy Seger ‘Happy Times’ Colm. Desert Rose x Brs. Longissima Strong, compact plants produce arching spikes to 24" with 3 1/2" star shaped, strikingly marked flowers. $28-32 fs

Sold Out

Beallara Milt Honolulu x Bllra Tahoma Glacier Large, full flowers which have a white to pale pink base overlaid with deeper plum markings. $28-32  fs

Very Limited

Beallara Dancing Matador ‘Everglades’ Mtssa Limbo Dancers x Oda Matador Mericlone. Produces long spikes with four or five 3-inch flowers and is free flowering. Rich gold base,white lip superimposed with large deep red blotching. $28-32 fs
Beallara Diana Dunn 'Mendenhall' Mttsa Citron x Oda Memoria Helen Scholle Flowers are white heavily overlaid in plum purple spots with the edges of the petals and sepals a lighter plum. $30-34 fs

Very Limited

Beallara Marfitch Mtssa Charles Marden Fitch x Oda Fremar` Beautifully arched inflorescences with up to 10 flowers on each. Sepals/petals are deep burgundy, cardinal red markings are haloed in white and the lip is attractively patterned, almost electric! Flowers can be larger than 5” and are well spaced.

$28-34 fs

Beallara Peggy Ruth Carpenter 'Morning Joy' Bllra Tahoma Glacier x Milt Purple Queen  Sepals and petals pale lavender with darker spots. Lip large, lower half white to pale pink, upper half  spotted and forming  a waterfall effect.   $30-34 fs
Beallara Rocket Bllra Tahoma Glacier 'Green' x Milt spectabilis 'Montville' Both parents are warmth tolerant and easy to grow. Flowers will be large with the petals and sepals in cream tones with a raspberry overlay throughout. Lip is cream with pink shading and prominent rust spots at the center.

$26 nfs

$30 fs

Beallara Tahoma Glacier ‘Green’ Mtssa Cartagena x Oda Alaskan Sunset Very large, flat, elegant white blooms, heavily spotted with red/mauve  and well spaced on a strong spike, . Good warmth tolerance. $28-32 fs
Beallara Tropic Splendour 'Golden Gate'  Miltassia Cartagena x Beallara Tahoma Glacier Very, very large, white flowers, highlighted by a sprinkling of red mahogany spots and a slightly wavy, full lip. The flowers have a delicate fragrance!  $28-32 fs
Brascidostele Brsdm. Kenneth Bivin 'SB' x Ons. Black Beauty 'Ken' 4n The best will have tall, elegant sprays of flaring flowers having very dark red mahogany petals and sepals highlighted with a yellow halo around the edges. Lip will be a deep red with some white highlights. $32-34 fs
Brassada Memoria ‘Bert Field’ Ada aurantiaca b Brassia verrucosa Rich orange flowers with slightly lighter lips, marked with red-brown spots.  Limited $28-30 fs
Brassia Montville Spiders Brassia (Memoria Fritz Boedeker x Brown's Sunrise) These should be large, spidery flowers, with the colours tending towards tan and gold . $32 nfs

$35 fs

Brassia Brs. arachnoidea x Brs. Rex Expect lots of spidery looking flowers, base colour is cream but heavily overlaid in green and mahogany spots and bars. $30 - 34 fs

Very Limited

  Brassia  KA5084 Brassia (caudata alba x Edvah Loo) The Br caudata parent has yellow to chartreuse petals and sepals with a contrasting white lip with some yellow highlights. Br Edvah Loo has flowers with petals and sepals that are green and accented by chocolate bars and a cream coloured lip with some chocolate spotting. $26-28 ls
  Brassia  KA5083


Brassia (Edvah Loo x caudata alba) Reverse of the KA5084. Flowers should be similar but perhaps more spotting. $26-28 ls


 Brassia Edvah Loo 'Goldilocks'  Brassia (longissima x gireoudiana) Petals and sepals butter yellow with faint green overlay, sprinkled with brown spots and scented.  $28-34 fs


Brassia Eternal Wind Brassia ( Bracdiana x Rex) Typical 'spider' orchid. Petals and sepals are pale green, heavily blotched in chocolate brown. Lip is also pale yellow and splashed overall with chocolate brown. Flowers have good substance and should be fragrant. $32-36 fs
 Brassia Mem Fritz Boedeker  Brassia (longissima x Rex) Large flowers, sepals and petals chartreuse, basally darker with deep brown blotches; lip light yellow with central spotting of deep brown. Scented.  $30-35 fs
 Brassia New Start 'Galaxy'  Brassia (Starex x Edvah Loo) Large chocolate and green spidery flowers, heavily scented.  $30-34 fs
  Brassia Santa Barbara Brassia (Edvah Loo ‘Featherhill’ x Rex “Geyserland’) Sepals and petals yellow-green, barred with dark brown; lip yellow with dark brown spots. $28-32 nfs
  Brassia Rex "Sakata" HCC/AOS Brassia verrucosa x brassia gireoudiana Up to a dozen 6 inch spiders, superbly held on strong arching spikes. Lime green base brushed and barred with chocolate. Very scented. Mericlone. $30-32 nfs

Very limited

Brassidium Cloud's Comet Brs longissima x Brsdm Shooting Star Looking for yellow/chartreuse sepals and petals heavily overlaid with dark brown blotches and spots. Spikes should be elegant and many-flowered. $30-34 fs
Brassidium Fly Away 'Miami' HCC/AOS Brsdm Gilded Urchin x Onc maculatum Flowers full, open star-shape, bright chartreuse with dark brown spots coalescing to an extent; lip yellow with some spots centrally. Good flower count on tall spikes.  $28-34 fs
Brassidium Golden Gamine 'White Knight' HCC/AOS Oncidium sotoanum x Brassidium Gilded Urchin Star shaped flowers with sepals and petals that are yellow, overlaid light green, and irregularly blotched dark maroon. The lip is white and spottedwith red-lavender. $30-32 fs
Brassidium Spider Star ‘Niep’ Brassia Rex x Onc schroederianum Large, star shaped flowers in yellow/green overlaid with mahogany bars. $28-30  fs

Very Limited

Brassidium (Miltassia) Spider Star 'Toscana' Brsdm (Brs Rex x Onc schroederianum) 'Tocana' Large, star shaped flowers in yellow/green overlaid with mahogany bars. $15-18 ss
Brassidium Wild Warrior 'Chieftain'  HCC/AOS Onc leucochilum x Brs Stardust Sepals & petals butter yellow with basal two-thirds heavily blotched in mahogany;  lip white with irregular blotches of  mahogany on crest. Very Scented!  $28-34 fs
  Bratonia (Miltassia) Lavender Kiss 'Lavender Taffy' AM/AOS Bratonia Shelob x Bratonia Charles M. Fitch Very large flowers on this plant. Sepals and petals have a cream-coloured base overlaid in a deep lavender. The large lip is evenly blushed lavender, sparsely and irregularly spotted with brown, yellow and white spots. $28-32 fs
  Bratonia (Miltassia) Shelob 'Okika' Mtssa Olmec x Brassia Edvah Loo This clone has dark chocolate sepals and petals highlighted with chartreuse bars and edging. Lip is a rich rose colour with yellow haloed chocolate spots. Edges of the leaves are variegated. $28-32 fs

Burragerara Burr Kilauea 'Choir Boy' x Odcdm Crowborough 'Spice Island' Medium sized flowers ranging in the yellow to red-copper tones.  Spikes should branch easily. $30-36 fs

Currently not available

Burrageara Odontonia Debutante x Odontioda (Helen Perlite x St. Clement) 'Nebula' This is a cross between the floriferous and heavily branched Debutante and a highly coloured, large Odontioda. $28-34 fs


Burrageara Colm Wildcat 'Panther' x Oda Flaming Planet 'Mars' The Odontioda is a deep red whereas the Colmanara is mahogany and yellow. First to flower were  in pink to red tones fading to pale pink at the petal tips and base of the lip.  $30-32 fs

Very Limited

Burrageara Colm Sphacetante 'Evelyn' x Odontioda Fireflower 'Burgundy' The Colmanara parent is a yellow with brown barring & good branching habit and the Fireflower is so dark it is almost black. Progeny, to date, have been quite variable.  $32-35 fs
Burrageara Vuyl Linda Isler x Onc leucochilum 'Short Spike'  The Vuyl parent has red toned  and cream flowers whereas the Onc mixes in chartreuse and mahogany with white lip.  $28-32 fs

Very Limited

Burrageara Vuyl Yokara x Onc leucochilum Flowers will be heavily patterned, with a pink base overlaid with darker pink. Flower count should be good with the flowers held high above the plant on long spikes. $28-32 fs

Currently Unavailable

Burrageara Buried Treasure Wils Bubba Mock x Mtdm x Milton's Candy This plant produces a profusion of bright yellow (‘loonie” sized) flowers heavily barred with chocolate. Spikes are long and have a branching habit. Flower texture is good and flowers are relatively long lived. Mericlone $30-32 fs


Burrageara Dee Luce Burr Living Fire x Onc Anthroclus Relatively compact plant carrying many deep crimson red flowers on an upright spike. Seedlings. $28-32 fs


 Burrageara Jungle Moss 'Rain Forest'  Colmanara Jungle Monarch x Oda Moseman Yellow background with brown barring and a white lip lightly spotted with mahogany. A very strong grower.  $22-25 ss
 Burrageara Living Fire 'Burning Embers' Vuyl Edna x Oncidium maculatum Deep carmine-red flowers; lip lighter carmine with horizontal scalloped lines. Mericlone.   $28-32 fs
 Burrageara Living Fire 'Dark Fires' HCC/AOS Vuyk Edna x Oncidium maculatum Petals & sepals cardinal-red with white marks in center of petals; lip carmine with faint yellow pattern on upper portion. Flower close-up.  $28-32 fs
 Burrageara Nelly Isler 'Swiss Beauty' Burr Stefan Isler x Milt Kensington Large red pansy shaped flowers tinged with a hint of coral. Long spikes with many fragrant flowers .  $26 nfs

Currently Unavailable

Burrageara  Pacific Go Onc Illustre 'Transcendent'  x Vuyl Another Go The Vuyl has dark grape purple flowers with rose lip and the Onc mixes in yellow and mahogany! Hybrid that is quite variable.  $28-32 fs

Very Limited

Colmanara (Oncidium)Pacific Space Lustre Colm Sphacelante 'Evelyn' x Onc Illustre 'Wildman' large plants carrying a multitude of 1 1/2" white, brown & yellow fragrant flowers held high on branching spikes. $32-34 fs

Very Limited

Colmanara Leurain Odontonia Lorraine's 14th WOC x Onc leucochilum 'Short Spike'  Tall branching spikes carrying yellow to near mahogany flowers with lips white to pale pink banded in burgundy.  $28-34 fs


Colmanara My Dog Spot Milt santanaei x Odcdm Black Beauty #1 This is a cross between a warmth tolerant white miltoniopsis with a very, very dark Odm bictoniense hybrid. The first to flower clearly take after the Miltoniopsis parent and all have had an incredible fragrance! $28 fs

Currently not available

 Colmanara Wildcat ‘Bobcat’


 Odtna Rustic Bridge x Odcdm Crowborough Sepals & petals intense oxblood with bright yellow margins; lip dark cherry red, crest marked with yellow-brown & white.  $28-32 fs

Currently not available

Colmanara Wildcat 'Red Lip 677' Odtna Rustic Bridge x Odcdm Crowborough This mericlone has a deeper red lip than most of the other Wildcats, petals and sepals are yellow  with mahogany markings. $28  fs

Very Limited

Cyrtocidistele Rossini Ctd. (Wils) Intermezzo x Rst. (Odm) rossii 'Major' Deep red flowers with a lighter pink patterning on the base of the lip and at the edges of the petals and sepals. $28-32 fs
 Dgmra Flying High 'Stars n Bars' HCC/AOS  Miltassia Jetsetter x Odm. McNabianum Horizontally arching spikes, up to 18" long, holding 6-8 flowers, each 4" across (bright chrome yellow with chocolate blotching on the sepals and petals).  $26 nfs

 $28-30 fs

 Degarmoara Hani 'Star of Unicorn' AM/AOS  Mtssa Charles Marden Fitch x Odm Hallii Huge plum coloured flowers, dark blotches on petals, rose lip with a stunning white waterfall. Stunning!

 $35 fs

$30-32 nfs

Degarmoara Toy Soldiers ‘Volcano Queen’ Dgmra Flying High x Odm Trilobum Strong, branching spikes carrying maroon & white, star shaped, flowers. Good heat tolerance. Mericlone. $28-30 fs
 Degarmoara Winter Wonderland 'White Fairy'  Miltassia Cartagena x Odm. Gledhow This intergeneric shows the brassia influence in terms of flower presentation and warmth tolerance and the odont crispum influence appears in the white colour. Very large , full white flowers & scented.

 $28-32 fs


Gomesa (Oncidum) Alosuka 'Claire' AM/AOS Gomesa Memoria (Kiyoshi Akatsuka x Aloha Sunshine) You can expect lots of flowers having chartreuse petals and sepals with maroon spots at the tips and a large yellow lip with a dark maroon center. $28-30 fs
Gomestele (Odontocidium)Akashi Rst. bictoniensis x Gom. Flexuosa Petals and sepals are yellow heavily barred in bright mahogany whereas the large lip is yellow suffused in tiny orange to red markings $25-28 fs
Gomonciada (Gomada Admaste 'Orange' x Onc eurycline) Goa (Gomada Admaste 'Orange' x Onc eurycline) New hybrid. The Oncidium parent is a miniature with bright yellow and brown flowers. Crossed with the compact  Gomada which has orange twisting flowers. $28 fs


Goodaleara Eurostar 065 Bllra. Tahoma Glacier x Onc. Schroederianum Both parents of this mericlone are fragrant. Flowers are large, full and held upright on a tall spike. This particular clone has petals that are red on the lower half and a creamy white towards the ends. The lip is red shading to pink towards the bottom. $26-30 fs
Goodaleara Eurostar 067 Bllra. Tahoma Glacier x Onc. Schroederianum Flowers are large, star shaped and held upright on a tall spike. This particular clone has petals that are mahogany with creamy white ends. The lip is red shading to white towards the bottom. Fragrant. $26 fs
Goodaleara Eurostar 068 Bllra. Tahoma Glacier x Onc. Schroederianum This mericlone is fragrant. Flowers are star shaped, quite large (about 3") and held upright above the foliage. Petals and sepals are red/mahogany with the tips being creamy white. The lip is a deeper red with the lower half fading to white. $26-28 fs
Goodaleara Eurostar 069 Bllra. Tahoma Glacier x Onc. Schroederianum  Flowers are large, fragrant and star shaped and held upright on a tall spike. This particular clone has petals that are mahogany with creamy white ends. The lip is red specked with white and fades to off white on the lower half. $28 - 30 fs


Goodaleara Eurostar 078 Bllra. Tahoma Glacier x Onc. Schroederianum The fragrant flowers are large, star shaped and held upright on a tall spike. This particular clone has petals that are a deep mahogany red with paler white tips. The lip is red specked with white and fades to pale pink. $28-30 fs


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