Doritaenopsis Listing


CODES:  ss = seedling size; ls = large seedling; nfs = near flowering size; fs = flowering size


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Doritaenopsis Anna-Larati Soekardi 'Rainbow' Dor pulcherrima x Phal parishii Miniature. Petals and sepals range from white to pale purple lip is a deep lavender. Mericlone $28 fs

Very Limited

Doritaenopsis Fuchsia Princess

Dtps pulcherima x P Coral Gleam

Mericlone. Sepals and petals bright, vibrant fuchsia; lip darker fuchsia with burgundy edging. Seedling.

$26-30 nfs

Very Limited

Doritaenopsis I-Hsin Golden Prince Phal Golden Sun x Dtps Leopard Prince Hybrid. Most will have white flowers, heavily spotted lavender through all segments with a deeper lavender lip but could have some plants with yellow flowers and red spots. $28-32 nfs

Very Limited

Doritaenopsis I-Hsin Purple Jewel Dtps Purple Gem x Dtps Taisuco Jewel Mericlone. Electric dark magenta flowers held on branching sprays. $28 nfs

Very Limited

Doritaenopsis Leopard Prince Dtps Sun Prince x Phal Ho's French Fantasia Rich, deep pink flowers with creamy white stippling towards the centre and edges of the flower. Mericlone. $26-30 nfs

Very Limited



1999-2000 Paramount Orchids