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Paramount Orchids continuously imports, and propagates, new plant material to ensure that we always have a diverse and unique selection of plants for sale. Our current stock totals approximately 35,000 plants (seedlings to flowering size) and, as a result, we always have something new, or unusual, in flower.

It would be impossible to maintain a current listing of everything that we have in flower, however, we feature on this page certain select plants that we believe will catch the interest of both novice grower and collector alike. 

The plants we are currently listing are a selection from plants that are in spike, recent imports or which we believe are particularly noteworthy.

Please check our web page frequently as we regularly update it to take into account new plant importations or de-flasked seedlings.



Last updated  February 13, 2017

CODES:  ss = seedling size; ls = large seedling; nfs = near flowering size; fs = flowering size

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Aerangis fastuosa Species Miniature species. The flowers are large, long lasting and fragrant at night and occur in the late winter and spring on a short, 2" [5 cm] long, 1 to 6 flowered inflorescence. $28 fs


Angraecum magdalenae species Ivory-white flowers with extremely heavy substance, with a spur that will be in shades of apple green and having an attractive spicy fragrance. $26 ls
Ascocentrum miniatum Species This species produces a multitude of orange flowers on upright spikes $26 nfs


Bardendrum Barkeria lindleyana x Epidendrum stamfordianum Star shaped flowers with the petals and sepals white with raspberry patterning throughout and the large lip white with some raspberry patterning towards the base. $28-30 fs


Beallara Tahoma Glacier ‘Green’ Mtssa Cartagena x Oda Alaskan Sunset Very large, flat, elegant white blooms, heavily spotted with red/mauve  and well spaced on a strong spike, . Good warmth tolerance. $28-32 fs
Bifrenaria tyrianthina Species The slightly cupped flowers large, showy and long-lasting and have sepals and petals that are coloured rose to purple-violet with a much deeper coloured lip. $35-38 fs
Brasiliorchis (Maxillaria) picta Species Intermediate grower that can be grown mounted or in pot. Flowers are long lasting and fragrant, various shades of yellow with some purple spotting and striping. $35 fs


Brassavola nodosa species Petals & sepals are light green, lip is white and quite large. Extremely fragrant at night. $34 fs
Brassia arcuigera species Very large, pleasantly fragrant, spidery blossoms with long, narrow, sharply pointed, and widely spread, stiffly extended segments. Sepals and petals are yellow to greenish yellow or greenish white when young, becoming orange-yellow with age. They are spotted or blotched with reddish brown near the base. $32-36  fs 

Brassolaelia Yellow Bird Brassavola nodosa x Brassophronitis Richard Mueller This very floriferous plant has yellow sepals and petals with the yellow lip overlaid by red to magenta spots. $32- 35  fs
  Brassolaeliocattleya Alma Kee 'Tipmalee' Lc Alma x Blc Cheah Bean-Kee Large, well formed golden yellow flowers with a beautiful contrasting red lip purple lip veined with gold. $35 fs

Brassolaeliocattleya Cute Lady 'Christmas Candy' LC Bowrialbida x Blc Meadowglow Large pink flowers with a lip that is pink, cream on the inside with yellow and pink and with the lower half of the lip a very deep pink. Very floriferous. $35-38 fs

Brassolaeliocattleya Greenwich ‘Elmhurst’ AM/AOS LC Ann Follis x BLC Lester McDonald Striking apple-green lateral and dorsal sepals, lighter green petals; lip cerise with butter-yellow deep in throat; extremely heavy substance. $35 fs

Very Limited

Bulbophyllum ambrosia Species Miniature plant. Flowers are white, pink striped and the spikes are held above the foliage. The plant has a pleasant, sweet fragrance and is particularly easy to grow. $28-30 fs
Bulbophyllum annandalei Species A compact species with flowers that range from crimson or yellow with pale red-brown stripes or dots. The lip is yellow/orange and may be heavily blotched with red spots. $26-28 fs


  Bulbophyllum longisepalum species Species from Papua New Guinea with large flowers that are quite exotic looking. Expect flowers that are up to 7" long and have a cream base heavily overlaid in mahogany to maroon tesselations. $26-28 nfs
Bulbophyllum longissimum species This compact plant has spectacular long petaled flowers reaching upwards of 11 inches in length! Fragrance add to the attraction of this plants.   $30 fs
Bulbophyllum sulawesii species Indonesian species newly described, sequential large spidery flowers that reflex back.  Flowers are in the green, tans and creams and quite unusual. $28-30 fs

Bulbophyllum Wilbur Chang Bulbophyllum (echinolabium x carunculatum) Large, golden yellow petals and sepals with red/maroon striations. The flowers on this relatively compact plant are very large and showy. Can be grown mounted or in pot. $28-32 fs

Bulbophyllum Wilmar Galaxy Star Bulb (lobbii x dearei) Unusually shaped yellow flowers which are very large compared to the plant size and are heavily suffused and marked maroon-wine. Likes moderate light. $28- 30 fs

 Burrageara Nelly Isler 'Swiss Beauty' Burr Stefan Isler x Milt Kensington Large red pansy shaped flowers tinged with a hint of coral. Long spikes with many fragrant flowers .  $24-26 nfs

$32-34 fs

Cattleya dolosa var alba species Flowers will resemble Cattleya walkeriana in shape, with flat white flowers, pale yellow in the spathe shaped lip, on a mid sized plant. $36 fs


Cattleya Gaskell-pumila 'Azure Star' C. gaskelliana x C. pumila Sepals and petals light blue with a deeper blue flare at tips; lip blue, throat yellow; flower large and flat. Plant is quite compact and flowers are fragrant. $34-36 fs

Cattleya George Hardy C. aclandiae x C. coccinea Compact, easy to flower cross having large flowers. Clearly the coccinea parent dominates in terms of colour. $28-30 fs
  Cattleya (Laelia) harpophylla species Many flowers are held high on tall slender pseudobulbs. Flowers are star shaped, with petals and sepals ranging from pale to dark orange. The lip is generally a paler shade of orange. $30-32 nfs

Cattleya Holdenii C (intermedia 'Flamea' x warneri 'Concolor') Large pink to lavender flowers, some having dark flares on the petals and dark highlights on the lip. Fragrant. $30 nfs

$35 fs

Cattleya intermedia var Orlata 'Rio' species Mericlone. Petals and sepals are a blush white with the lip being a darker magenta, rose. $30-32 fs

Cattleya Isabelle Stone Cattleya (sincorana x coccinea) This miniature hybrid produces large intense red flowers. $24-26 ls

Cattleya Landate Cattleya (aclandiae x guttata) Petals and sepals are a rich, deep tan to bronze colour with darker highlights and a nicely contrasting pink spathe lip. $28-30 nfs


Cattleya Loddiaca C (aurantiaca x loddigesii) Flower clusters will be in varying shades of lavender with most having yellow to gold lips. $28-32 fs
Cattleya loddigesii species Flowers should be pinkish mauve, slightly speckled with amethyst; with heavy substance and with a satiny glistening texture. $30-34 nfs

Cattleya Tagada LCDO Cattleya (pumila x Walkerinter) This should be a reasonably compact Cattleya with great fragrance. Flowers will be large for the size of the plant. Petals and sepals will range from soft pinks to deep lavenders and the tubular lip will be in similar colour tones but much darker. $32-35 fs


Cattleychea (Epicattleya) Siam Jade Cattleya Penny Kuroda x Cattleychea Vienna Wood Chartreuse to lime green petals and sepals contrasted wit6h a white lip. Some will have magenta accents. $32-35 fs

Cattlianthe Doris and Byron 'Christmas Rose' Cattleya Love Castle x Cattlianthe Candy Tuft Rich lavender sepals and petals the latter of which are slightly ruffled and veined in darker lavender. The lip is lavender with a yellow throat. $32-34  fs
Chysis bractescens Species Deciduous species from Mexico and Central America. Creamy white flowers are the norm (though there is a pink variety) complemented with a rich yellow lip.  $28  nfs

$32 fs

Cirrhopetallum Elizabeth Ann Buckleberry FCC/AOS Cirr longissimum x rothschildianum Flowers with overall background color of light green, overlaid with light magenta spotting; sepals and petals with narrow longitudinal striping; lip spotted and striped with magenta; column yellow-green with magenta spots. $28-32 fs 

 pot or mount

Cirrhopetalum medusae species Bizarre looking flowers, white with masses of wiry tentacles. Quite fragrant and most unusual. On mounts. $26-28 nfs
Coelogyne cristata species Cascading, fragrant, crystalline-white flowers with yellow lip. Limited. $32 nfs

$36 fs

 Colmanara Wildcat ‘Bobcat’


 Odtna Rustic Bridge x Odcdm Crowborough Sepals & petals intense oxblood with bright yellow margins; lip dark cherry red, crest marked with yellow-brown & white.  $32-34 fs

Dendrobium (Den. griffithianum x Den. farmeri) Large 'grape like' clusters of white to pale pink flowers with a deep golden orange lip. However, a few have flowered pure yellow with the deeper orange lip (see hyperlink). $30-34 fs

Dendrobium (Den. Nora Tokunaga x Den. aberrans) Expecting full white flowers accentuated by a contrasting red purple stripe on the petals. $26-28 fs
Dendrobium aggregatum species Warm growing with 5 to 15 fragrant flowers, often on a pendant spike  that arises from nodes at the middle of the  cane. Flowers are a deep butter colour with the lip a much deeper gold. $32-35  fs
Dendrobium amabile species Sepals and petals are white suffused with pink, lip is creamy white overlaid golden yellow. Cascading flower habit is somewhat reminiscent of grape clusters. $32-35 fs

Dendrobium Big Alex Den. alexandrae x Den. bigibbum This primary hybrid has light purple petals and sepals, prominently veined darker purple and a very large, deep purple lip. Flowers are large. $32 fs

Very Limited

Dendrobium kingianum species Compact Australian species - profusion of pinkish-mauve flowers. Fragrant. $25-28 fs
  Dendrobium linguiforme (nugentii) species Species found in Australia and New Caledonia. Plant grows in near full sun. Spikes produce up to 30 spidery white fragrant flowers. Mounted. $26 ls

Dendrobium Lutin Blanc Den. aberrans x Den. polysema Unusual cross. The aberrans parent appears to dominate in terms of colour and shape though the polysema parent adds an interesting shape to the lip and petals as well as some purple markings. $28-32 fs
Dendrobium nobile species White flowers with deep red in lip. Petals and sepals brushed with pink. $26 - 32 fs

Dendrobium Roy Tokunaga Dendrobium (atroviolaceum x johnsoniae) This plant produces masses of white flowers with violet to purple spots in the lip. $28 fs


Dendrobium Royal Wings Dendrobium (Roy Tokunaga x Silver Wings) White petals and sepals and a heavily spotted deep cherry to violet lip. Some may have intermittent violet spotting on the tepals. $30-32 fs


  Dendrochilum wenzelii species Species from the Phillipines. Lots of yellow to red flowers are held on each flower spike. Prefers somewhat shaded conditions with intermediate to warm conditions. $30-32 fs
Dracula erythrochaete species Common name is the Red-Tufted Dracula & grown in shaded conditions at a temperature range of 14C at night and up to 20C during the day. Found in cloud forests in Panama and Costa Rica. $36  fs

Dracula Phantom Dracula (vampira x tubenana) The large flowers are cream coloured with dark chocolate overlay breaking up into spots at base of sepals. The lip is cream coloured with pink shading. Intermediate conditions with dappled light is what the plant requires. $35 fs


Encyclia brassavolae species Beautiful species with long-lasting large cream-green blooms with pointed white lip, the tip of the lip being fuchsia-coloured. Grow intermediate, moderately bright to bright light. $28-32 fs

Epicatanthe Cattlianthe Trick or Treat x Epidenrdum cinnabarinum Flowers are of an intense tangerine with vibrant red overlay; The lip throat is deep orange and may have fine red striping. $30-34 fs
Laelia pumila Tipo species Rose coloured flowers, yellow throat and magenta edging on the lip. Brazilian species. $25 ls
Lockhartia lunifera species This plant has most unusual serrated leaves. Flowers are yellow with the lip often having red highlights. $26-28 fs
Lycaste skinneri )'L'Amazone super x Rosea Denis') species A crossing of two select clones of this desirable Central American species. Flowers are large, waxy and fragrant. Blossoms are variable in color, from creamy white to pink. First to flower have been white to ivory. $28-32 fs

Lycaste Yoko's Sister Lycaste (cruenta x aromatica) Flowers on this cross have yellow/green sepals with deep yellow petals lightly spotted in maroon $30-32 fs

Masdevallia Masd (chaparensis x garciae) Looking for flowers ranging from white to yellow overlaid with lots of purple patterning. $26-28 fs

Masdevallia Masd (Teipels Falcoveitch x glandulosa) Flowers are white heavily spotted in hot pink and contrasting yellow tails. $25 fs
Masdevallia angulata (burfordensis) species Yellow/green flowers suffused with maroon stripes and spots $28-30 fs     
Masdevallia coriacea species Flowers are about 3 inches in size, held high above the leaves, and are pale green with purple spots/stripes. Lip is hinged. $28-30 fs
Masdevallia floribunda species Miniature species. Flowers are about 1 inch in size and can range from a rich burnt yellow to maroon in colour. Intermediate to warm conditions are fine for this plant. $26 fs

Masdevallia Heathii Masdevallia (ignea x veitchiana) Deep red/orange flowers held high above the leaves.  

$28-30 fs


Masdevallia Lavender Ice Masd. Redwing x Masd. glandulosa Deep lavender pink flowers on a compact plant. Flower colour is near fluorescent! $28 fs


Masdevallia Huayna Picchu (Masd. veitchiana x Masd. princeps) Large, deep orange flowers. Intermediate grower and diffuse light are ideal conditions for this plant. $28 fs

Masdevallia Measuresiana Masd (amabilis x tovarensis) Elegant white flowers flushed in pink with long tails. One of the easier ones to grow and flower. $26 fs
Masdevallia paivaeana species Charming miniature species. Petals and sepals are pink and the 'tails' are orange. The lip is yellow suffused in orange. $25 fs


Masdevallia Prince Charming Masd (angulata x veitchiana) Large flowers with sepals and petals orange with darker lines of deep red-burgundy. $28-30 fs

Masdevallia Redwing Masdevallia (infracta x coccinea) Deep red to purple flowers with some veining. $28-30 fs

Masdevallia Shizuko Kawatsura Masd. Tuakau Candy x Masd. Copper Angel Deep golden yellow to orange flowers most of which are overlaid with dark reddish striping. Miniature. $26 fs

Masdevallia Teipels Coppertri Masd Copperwing x Masd triangularis Yellow gold flowers burnished wil a patina of red/orange hairs. $25 fs
Masdevallia tovarensis species This miniature plant throws a multitude of pure white flowers. $26-28 fs

Very Limited

Maxillaria  cucullata Species Found in Mexico, Guatemala and Nicaragua.  Flowers are quite variable, ranging from tan to nearly black, but most often in deep mahogany tones, with stripes or spotting. Fragrant. $28-34 fs
Maxillaria schunkeana Species Miniature species. Near black flowers with a purple sheen. From Brazil. $28-30 fs
Maxillaria tenuifolia Species This Maxillaria has flowers that smell like coconut. The colour can be variable but sepals and petals are generally are a deep, dark red and speckled with yellow. The lip is white heavily overlaid in red. $32 fs  3 1/2" to 4" pots

$36 fs  5" and 6" pots

Maxillariella variabilis Species  Small, compact plant with flowers are up to (2 cm) across. The flowers, which are highly variable, may be white, yellow, deep orange, greenish yellow, and occasionally dark red or red-brown. They may also have dark red markings or a red lip. $28-30 fs


Miltassia Dark Star "Darth Vader" Mtssa Olmec x Milt Anne Warne  Petals and sepals brushed plum with darker barring, lip pink with yellow centre. Large flowers - plants in 5" and 6" pots.  $26-30 fs

Miltassia. S. y N. Guácaras Brassia gireoudiana x Miltonia spectabilis Vigorous plants carrying large, star shaped flowers that are nicely scented. $26-32 fs

Miltonia Milt. Binotii x Milt. candida Flowers are fragrant with a tubular lip that often is a pale purple. Quite a variable cross in terms of patterning and coloration of the flowers. Generally the plant sends up multiples spikes each carrying several flowers. $28-30 fs
Miltonia candida var Grandiflora Species Brazilian species. Flowers are nicely fragrant, about 3" in size, yellow in colour but nearly entirely overlaid in mahogany. Lip is white with touch of violet in the throat. $28-32 fs
Miltonia regnellii var alba Species Warm growing Brazilian species. Flowers are white with basal pink tint, streaked with pink, and purple-pink and white margins. Crest of lip has yellow veins with lip itself pink with and veined purple. $28-30 fs
Miltonia spectabilis var Moreliana species From Brazil - intermediate to warm conditions with good light needed - flowers are plum coloured with paler lip heavily veined in deep plum. $30-35 fs

Multi-growth plants

Odontioda Odm Doctor Tom x Odontioda Teipels Panda Flowers will vary from large white with pink/purple spots to flowers that are heavily suffused with deep purple. Quite variable. $26-28 nfs
Odontoglossum crispum (var 'Xanthotes' x crispum) species Columbian species that grows best in intermediate conditions and dappled light. Flowers will range from white to pale yellow and should have some yellow spots. $30  fs  

Very Limited

Oncidioda Chaculatum Oncda Charlesworthii x Onc maculatum '4N' Variable flower colour, from a soft pink to much brighter oranges to red.  $28-32 fs
Oncidium Onc Tiger Crow x Onc Hans Koch Most will have big lemon yellow flowers with varying degrees of deep red spots/blotches on large white lip and the sepals and petals. $30-34 fs
Oncidium (Wilsonara) Onc [(Tigerschein x Woodlands) x Bonne Nuit] These have tall flower spikes carrying many yellow flowers that are heavily in chestnut or mahogany. Lip will be cream to yellow. $30-32 fs
Oncidium cheirophorum species Miniature oncidium. Bright yellow, waxy fragrant flowers. South American species. $26-28 fs
Oncidium eurycline syn Gomesa longipes species Miniature.Spikes with many flowers having a yellow lip with the petals and sepals being mainly chocolate coloured. $28-32 fs

Paphiopedilum Paph. Lippewunder x Paph. glaucophyllum The first to flower have taken after the Lippewunder parent resembling a complex paph. Large tan coloured dorsal with darker mahogany flaring, petals largely mahogany and green and the lip a lighter chestnut colour. $36-38 fs

$28-32 nfs


Paphiopedilum Paph Lippewunder x Paph lowii Crossing a large multifloral in pink, chartreuse and mahogany with Lippewunder which is a complex paph that has flowers ranging in yellow to tan colours. $34-38 fs


Paphiopedilum Paphiopedilum [(Flame Arrow x Watercolor Artist) x (Voodoo Magic x Eric Meng)] x Maudiae Vinicolor These will be coloratum and vinicolors. Flowers should be large and balanced held high above the mottled leafed foliage. $28-32 fs
Paphiopedilum appletonianum species Dorsal sepal will be green, likely some striping; rose-lavender pouch with venation; rose spoon-shaped petals with some green. $35 fs

Very Limited

  Paphiopedilum Charming Line Paphiopedilum (Jack Tonkin x Lippewunder) Paph Jack Tonkin is a large, white complex paphiopedilum whereas the Lippewunder parent is more tan to mahogany. $28-30  ls

Paphiopedilum Debora Paph (micranthum x jackii) These are flowering quite similar to Paph Fanaticum, dorsal and petals varying shades of green overlaid with burgundy tessellations. Pouch in the creamy white tones with some sprinkling of pink to burgundy spots. $35  fs

Paphiopediluym Delophyllum Paph (delantii x glaucophyllum) Flowers are a creamy pink; petals and petals are sprinkled with rows of tiny rose dots. Multiple growth plants. $28-32 nfs
Paphiopedilum insigne Species The dorsal sepal is green, marked with large brown spots, the margin white. The petals are yellowish green, veined pale brown. The lip is golden brown, veined darker brown, the side lobes a deep yellow-brown with paler margins. $28-30 nfs

$36 fs

Paphiopedilum Magic Lantern Paph (micranthum x delanatii) Pink to magenta flowers overlaid with deeper veins or spots. $28 nfs

$32 fs

Paphiopedilum Norbert Gomes Paph (insigne Dark Form x Winston Churchill 'Indomitable' FCC/AOS) Flowers should be large, glossy, well shaped and in mahogany and cream shades. $28-30  nfs

$35 fs

Paphiopedilum Pinocchio Paph (primulinum x glaucophyllum) Dorsal sepal will be green with some very fine spotting centrally; petals off-white, spotted with maroon-red and the pouch should be mainly pink to mahogany. $35-38 fs

$28 nfs

Paphiopedilum Pinocchio ‘Natural Beauty’ x sib ‘Giant Albino’ PUN 666 Paph (glaucophyllum x primulinum) Solid greens sequentials, some tinged pink. Paphanatics breeding. $32-35 fs
Paphiopedilum spicerianum Species Dorsal sepal is white with a purple mid-stripe and sharply contrasting green basal area. Petals are green with purple mid-stripe and the pouch is a dark green to tan. $35 fs
Paphiopedilum wardii Species This species has light green leaves mottled dark green, with red/purple spotting on the underside of the leaf. The flower is about 10 cm across, the dorsal sepal white with prominent green stripes. The petals are broad, green yellow heavily spotted red brown, with a green flush at the very base. The pouch is yellow, flushed mahogany. $35 fs
Pescatorea fimbriata Species Flowers are creamy white with a red to purple fimbriated lip. $30-32 fs

Picture of Phrag Les Dirouilles 'JP'

Phragmipedium Phrag (Les Dirouilles 'JP' 4n x Majestic Tresses) Both parents are long petalled phrags with flowers primarily in green and tan colours, though some will have mahogany highlights. $36-38 ls

Phragmipedium Andean Fire Phragmipedium (lindleyanum x besseae) Red petals and sepals with pouch being red on the outside and yellow gold inside $38-40 fs

Phragmipedium Sedenii Phrag schlimii x longifolium Deep pink to red flowers, nicely rounded pouch pink on the outside and creamy white inside. $36-38 nfs


Pleurothallis secunda species South American species. Creamy yellow flowers with magenta striping. $26-28 fs

Renanthera Amayani Ren. monachica x Ren. citrina Flowers will be in varying shades of yellow to orange overlaid with deeper red spotting. $30-32 fs
  Renanthera monachica species This species carries many star-shaped blossoms that are bright orange and fairly densely spotted with irregularly shaped blood-red spots $28 ls

Renanthopsis Mildred Jameson 'Bonsall' HCC/AOS Renanthera monachica x Phalanopsis stuartiana Flowers should have deep cream-yellow with brown, concentric markings, darker on the inner half of lateral sepals. The lip will be a cream-yellow with some darker spots $30-32 fs


Restrepia brachypus species Species that prefers dappled light and intermediate conditions. Dorsal sepal and petals are yellow/orange and are somewhat transparent with deep burgundy veins and a lip that is a deeper orange. $26 fs

Rhyncholaeliocattleya C walkeriana x Rsc Roberto Agnes Flowers should be white to pale pink with deeper pink lip. Fragrant. The walkeriana parent should reduce the size of the plant but keep large flowers. $32-36 fs
  Rhyncholaeliocattleya Rlc [Chinese Bronze x (Lee Langford x Goldenzelle) x Waikiki Gold 'Lea")] Breeding for big, yellow to gold flowers, some with large red lips. Fragrant. $26-28 ls
Rhyncholaelia digbyana species Central American species. Each sheath generally only has one large, very showy flower. Petals and sepals are creamy white, sometimes with pale green highlights, and the creamy white lip is very large and fimbriated. Extremely fragrant. $35-38 fs
  Rhyncholaeliocattleya Goldenzelle 'Taida' HCC/AOS Rlc Fortune x C Horace Large flowers that have bright lemon yellow petals and sepals with a hint of rose. Lip is also yellow with bright lavender veining midway down $25 ls


Rhyncholaeliocattleya Young Kong '16' Rlc Green Fantasy x Rlc Tassie Barbero Medium sized Cattleya hybrid. Inflorescences should produce 3-4 large, fragrant flowers. Flowers will be 3 1/2" to 4 1/2" across. Sepals and petals will be a rich bright yellow with the lip a darker yellow with a red/lavender throat. Picture $36-38  fs


 Sarcochilus fitzgeraldii species Although more demanding than Sarcochilus hartmannii, this orchid will reward the attentive grower with some of the most colourful flowers to be found in the genus. Generally three to 15 delicately scented flowers that often contain a high percentage of red markings on a white background. $28-30 fs


Vandopirea Little One Vdps. parishii var Mariotiana x Sed. japonica Petals and sepals are solid yellow overlaid with mahogany spots. $28-30 fs


Zygopetalum Winter Sprite Zygo mackayi x brachypetalum Primary Hybrid. Green and tan petals heavily overlaid in chestnut brown blotches, large white lip striated in purple. Fragrant. Limited. $28-32  fs
Zygostates (Ornithocephalus ) grandiflora species Compact Brasilian species that has dozens of green and white flowers that are both unusual and quite striking. $28 fs  




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