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Paramount Orchids continuously imports new plant material to ensure that we always have a diverse and unique selection of plants for sale. Our current stock totals approximately 35,000 plants (seedlings to flowering size) and, as a result, we always have something new, or unusual, in flower.

It would be impossible to maintain a current listing of everything that we have in flower, however, we feature on this page certain select plants that we believe will catch the interest of both novice grower and collector alike. 

The plants we are currently listing are a selection from plants that are, or soon should be, in spike  or which we believe are particularly noteworthy.

Please check our web pages frequently as we regularly update it to take into account new plant arrivals or de-flasked seedlings.



This page last updated  June 22, 2022

CODES:  ss = seedling size; ls = large seedling; nfs = near flowering size; fs = flowering size

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Aerides houlletiana Species Yellow and cream flowers with purple lip - many flowers on long spike - Scented $28 ls
Angraecum elephantinum Species Compact plant with dark green leathery leaves - one or two enormous waxy blossoms dwarf the plant - white sepals and petals are tinged with peach - lip is snow white. $28-32 fs
Ascocentrum curvifolium Species Compact plant that flowers in a cloud of rich red flowers carried on relatively compact spikes held above the leaves. $32 fs
Ascocentrum miniatum Species This species produces a multitude of orange flowers on upright spikes $30 fs


Bifrenaria harrisoniae Species Species. Sepals and petals are cream coloured sometimes with a hint of green tones and dusted with rose/pink whereas the lip should be more of a dusky mauve-maroon. $34-36 fs


Beallara Tahoma Glacier ‘Green’ Mtssa Cartagena x Oda Alaskan Sunset Very large, flat, elegant white blooms, heavily spotted with red/mauve  and well spaced on a strong spike, . Good warmth tolerance. $28-34 fs


Brasiliorchis (Maxillaria) schunkeana Species This miniature plant produces incredible, near black, flowers with a purple sheen. Brazilian species. $28-32 fs

Available July 2022

Brassavola (Rhyncholaelia) digbyana species Central American species. Each sheath generally only has one large, very showy flower. Petals and sepals are creamy white, sometimes with pale green highlights, and the creamy white lip is very large and fimbriated. Extremely fragrant. $35-38 fs


Brassavola nodosa species Petals & sepals are light green, lip is white and quite large. Extremely fragrant at night. $35 fs
Brassia arcuigera species Very large, pleasantly fragrant, spidery blossoms with long, narrow, sharply pointed, and widely spread, stiffly extended segments. Sepals and petals are yellow to greenish yellow or greenish white when young, becoming orange-yellow with age. They are spotted or blotched with reddish brown near the base. $36-45  fs 

Brassia Aunty Diana Aki KA5084 Brassia (caudata alba x Edvah Loo) The Br caudata parent has yellow to chartreuse petals and sepals with a contrasting white lip with some yellow highlights. Br Edvah Loo has flowers with petals and sepals that are green and accented by chocolate bars and a cream coloured lip with some chocolate spotting. $32-34 fs

Brassia Aunty Diana Aki KA5083


Brassia (Edvah Loo x caudata alba) The first to flower have taken after the Br Edvah Loo parent with pale green petals and sepals accented with some chocolate bars. The lip was cream coloured also with some chocolate markings. $32-34 fs

Brassia Montville Spiders Brassia (Memoria Fritz Boedeker x Brown's Sunrise) These should be large, spidery flowers, with the colours tending towards tan and gold. Large, vigorous plants. $32 nfs

$36-38 fs

Brassidium Fly Away 'Miami' HCC/AOS Brsdm Gilded Urchin x Onc maculatum Flowers full, open star-shape, bright chartreuse with dark brown spots coalescing to an extent; lip yellow with some spots centrally. Good flower count on tall spikes.  $30-35 fs

Brassidium (Miltassia) Spider Star 'Toscana' Brsdm (Brs Rex x Onc schroederianum) 'Tocana' Large, star shaped flowers in yellow/green overlaid with mahogany bars. $28 nfs

$30-32 fs

Brassocattleya Morning Glory 'Valentine Kiss' Brassavola nodosa x Cattleya purpurata Crossing Laelia purpurata with  Brasavola nodosa reduces the size of this cross. Flowers have the nodosa shape but with significantly more colour. Lip is trumpet shaped, rich lavender and heavily veined in deep fuchsia. Petals and sepals are lavender. $34-36 fs
Bulbophyllum ambrosia Species Miniature plant. Flowers are white, pink striped and the spikes are held above the foliage. The plant has a pleasant, sweet fragrance and is particularly easy to grow. $28-32 fs
Bulbophyllum blumei (maxillare) Species A small, 5" to 7" tall species, which has single blossom on each inflorescence. Flowers are large for the size of the plant and are red/purple in colour with some veination and yellow gold around the edges of the sepals. $30 fs
Bulbophyllum dearii Species This form of the species has yellow flowers with tessellation on the dorsal sepal and red highlights on sepals. Flowers are up to 3” and are long lasting and waxy with a slight fragrance. $28-30 fs
Bulbopyllum (Cirrhopetalum) fascinator species The blooms on this plant move, wave, and wiggle. Native to Laos, Burma, Thailand and Vietnam. The large flowers are deep red, petals and sepals are somewhat 'hairy'. $30-32  fs
Bulbophyllum Jia Ho Golden Umbrella Bulb (mastersianum x lepidum) Relatively large flowers similar in shape to the mastersianum parent. Colour is variable but should range from coral to cherry many with a light overlay of fine spots $30-32 fs

Bulbophyllum Jim Krull Bulb (lobbii x ornatissimum) Dorsal sepal and petals will be in yellow tones with burgundy spots; lip should be a dark yellow, heavily overlaid burgundy. $30 fs


Bulbophyllum lobbii species This species is from Borneo, Indonesia and Malaysia. Its inflorescence is erect,  arising from a node on the rhizome and has a large fragrant yellow flower on each new pseudobulb held above the leaves.  $32-36 fs 
Bulbophyllum longisepalum species Species from Papua New Guinea with large flowers that are quite exotic looking. Expect flowers that are up to 7" long and have a cream base heavily overlaid in mahogany to maroon tesselations. $32-34 fs
Bulbophyllum longissimum species This compact plant has spectacular long petaled flowers reaching upwards of 11 inches in length! Fragrance add to the attraction of this plants.   $32-35 fs
Bulbophyllum makoyanum

(different colour form)

species This miniature produces stunning 'daisy like' yellow speckled with purple flowers that are pleasantly fragrant. $30-32 fs


Bulbophyllum rothschildianum species Spectacular Species from India with an umbel of dark red flowers consisting of about 5 or 6 flowers, each about 10 to 12 cm long, dark red with much darker spots. $30-35 fs
Bulbophyllum taiwanense species Miniature species from Taiwan. Clusters of orangey brown flowers are help high above the leaves. 28 fs
Bulbophyllum (Cirrhopetalum) vaginatum species Miniature species that has lots of fine, creamy white, lacy flowers. $28-32 fs
Cattleya Catt (mantiqueirae x coccinea) Hot sunset to red flowers on a miniature plant. $28-32 fs

Cattleya Cattleya (Rubin x sincorana) This cross is 1/4 Cattleya purpurata and 3/4 Cattleya sincorana. Plants will be compact with pink to deep red flowers that are large for the size of the plant. $30-34 fs


Cattleya C. nobilior v Coerulea x C. bicalho (aka L dayana) var Coerulea This cross produces large flowers on compact plants. The first to bloom have had deep pink flowers with a much darker lip and were fragrant. $36 fs
Cattleya bicolor species Cluster of tan to mohagany flowers with contrasting rich pink lip are held aloft tall pseudobulbs. Fragrant flowers. $35-38 nfs

Available July 2022

Cattleya (Sophrocattleya) Cherry Bee 'Happy Field' Cattleya Cherry Chip x Cattleya Beaufort A mini cattleya that throws very large flowers. Sepals are a pale lavender, petals are pale yellow to lavender with the outer edges a deep, rich magenta. Outer edge of the lip is also a dark magenta. $32-35 fs
Cattleya Chian-Tzy Guiding 'Chian-Tzy Red Top' Cattleya (Chian-Tzy Angiekoh x milleri) Deep red flowers held high above the foliage on a quite compact plant. $32-34 fs


Cattleya Orglade's Grand Cattleya ( Mildred Rives x Persepolis) Sparkling white flowers with a stunning lip in magenta-purple and a lemon yellow throat. Flower substance is good. Fragrant. $40-42 fs

Large Plants

Cattleya Sheng Yi Cranberry Cattleya Chien Ya Ruby x Cattleya Sheng Yi Star This compact grower will have deep red flowers that are large for the size of the plant. $32-36 fs
Cattleya Shurlezo Catleya (Aloha Case x bicalhoi (dayana)) These will be compact plants with a deep pink colour and an even deeper dark cherry lip. $34-36  fs
Cattlianthe Japanese Beauty 'Sakura' HCC/AOS Cattlianthe Fairyland x Cattleya Misaki Bell Compact grower. Flowers have white petals and sepals overlaid in a pink blush with a more pronounced pink halo around the edges. Lip has a deep yellow throat with the edges and lower third a rich red pink-magenta. $34-36 fs
Chysis bractescens Species Deciduous species from Mexico and Central America. Creamy white flowers are the norm (though there is a pink variety) complemented with a rich yellow lip.  $32-35 fs

Available July 2022

Chysis limminghei Species A medium sized Mexican species. Expecting flowers with sepals and petals that are light cream, overlaid dark orange-brown on the lower half, with a yellow lip and with red-orange stripes. $34-36 fs


Cirrhopetallum Elizabeth Ann Buckleberry FCC/AOS Cirr longissimum x rothschildianum Flowers with overall background color of light green, overlaid with light magenta spotting; sepals and petals with narrow longitudinal striping; lip spotted and striped with magenta; column yellow-green with magenta spots. $28-32 fs 
Cycnodes Wine Delight Cycnoches lehmannii x Mormodes sinuata Lots of three-inch flowers that are deep wine red in colour with a lacquered appearance. They are long lasting (about a month) and have a great cherry fragrance. $36-38 fs
Cymbidium Golden Elf Cymbidium ensifolium x Cymbidium Enid Haupt This is a cross between a Chinese cymbidium and a standard cymbidium. Combination gives the best of both types: Pure yellow flowers, with a superb fragrance, and easy to grow. As an added bonus many of them have variegated leaves. $36-40 fs
Dendrobium atroviolaceum species This is a compact species  from New Guinea. A warm to intermediate grower, the flowers are long lived and usually produced in abundance and are  greenish-white and spotted with purple in the center – lip is purple and striped inside held in clusters above the foliage. $32-36 fs


Dendrobium Bardo Rose Dend (falcorostrum 'BE' x Kingianum ('Alison x Inferno') Most will have fragrant, white flowers overlaid with pink-lavender and pink-lavender on reverse of petals. Lip is white, overlaid pale pink-lavender and dark lavender stippling. Compact plant. $28-32 fs


Dendrobium bracteosum red form species Very long lasting flowers are produced low on leafless canes which can flower in successive years. This form should be much darker than the regular pink variety. $28-32 fs


Dendrobium  cucumerinum Species Australian miniature species. It has short, cane like pseudobulbs and cucumber like leaves on a slender creeping rhizome. Flowers are white with pink stripes. $28-30  fs
Dendrobium formosum species A large flowering dendrobium from India, with showy, white flowers that have a yellow throat. Has a very pleasant licorice fragrance. $34-36 fs



Dendrobium Frosty Dawn Dendrobium (Dawn Maree x Lime Frost) Spikes are produced from the top of the canes and carry flowers that are 2 ½" - 3" across. Sepals & petals are white or a creamy-green. The lip is white to cream, with the bottom half yellow, bright orange or orange-red. $30-34 fs

Dendrobium Hibiki Dendrobium (bracteosum x laevifolium) Dark rose pink flowers with a bright pink lip arranged in large clusters around the base of the plant. Relatively compact and quite easy to grow with flowers that are very long lived. 28-32 fs

Dendrobium Hsinying Frostymaree Dendrobium (Frosty Dawn x Dawn Maree) Flowers are white with contrasting orangey red lip. Long lasting blooms. $32-34 fs
Dendrobium jenkinsii species This miniature species is found throughout Southeast Asia and India. Flowers are very large for the plants size and gold in colour. Lip is somewhat  heart shaped. $28-32 nfs
Dendrobium kingianum var alba species Compact Australian species – profusion of white flowers  Compact plant. Prefers intermediate conditions and bright light. $28-30 fs
Dendrobium kingianum species Compact Australian species - profusion of pinkish-mauve flowers. Fragrant. $26-30 fs
Dendrobium miyakei (goldschmidtianum) species Flowers are a deep lavender with darker stripes with sepals white at the tips and a contrasting orange column. Needs a slight drying out period in the fall and winter. $30-32 fs


Dendrobium nobile species White flowers with deep red in lip. Petals and sepals brushed with pink. $28-34 fs
Dendrobium parishii species Purple flowers, throat blotched with two maroon spots, VERY fragrant (smells like strawberries of raspberries). Deciduous. $30-32 fs

Dendrobium Roongkamol Vejvarut Dendrobium (Dawn Maree x formosum) Relatively large flowers on this new hybrid. Expect big white flowers with dorsal slightly veined in pale chartreuse and the lip overlaid in bright orange $32-35 fs
Dendrobium sulawesiense (syn Den glomeratum) species  Large hot pink flowers open flat. Bright orange anther cap provides a nice contrast. $32 fs
Dendrobium thyrsiflorum species Petals and sepals are white to cream coloured , sometimes with violet or rose highlights near the base. The funnel shaped lip is bight yellow orange and sharply contrasts with the petals and sepals. Very showy. $32-36 nfs
Dendrobium x usitae Den (bullenianum x goldschmidtianum) This is a naturally occurring Philippine hybrid. It is a medium sized warm growing plant. Flowers range from a creamy white with pink highlights to solid pink to red and orange and these form clusters on the sides of the pseudobulbs. $32-34 fs


Dendrochilum latifolium species Philippine species. Plant up to is 18" high with spectacular spikes up to 18" long. Flowers are creamy yellow to a translucent pale green with an orange lip. $30-34 fs

Dendrochilum wenzelii species Species from the Philippines. Lots of yellow to red flowers are held on each flower spike. Prefers somewhat shaded conditions with intermediate to warm conditions. $30-32 fs
Dyakia hendersoniana species Brilliant magenta rose flowers with a white lip accented by a deep magenta rose spot at base.  Miniature $28-30 fs

Available July 2022

Guarechea Black Comet Guarechea Miva Etoile Noire x Prosthechea cochleata The flowers on this plant resemble a deep purple Prosthechea cochleata but on larger plants. $45-48 fs
Guarechea Miva Etoile Noire Guarianthe bowringiana x Prosthechea cochleata The parentage of this plant is half Prostechea cochleata and half Guarianthe bowringiana. Flowers have the shape of the Prosthechea parent but colour of the flowers ranges from deep red to dark purple. $38-42 nfs
Guarianthe (Cattleya) bowringiana  Red Form species Central American species. Sepals are rose/purple, sometimes with darker veins, The lip is a deeper purple with a dark maroon band between the outer edges of the lip and throat. $32-36 nfs


Haraella odorata (retrocalla) species Miniature Taiwan Species, flowers are cream to yellow with purple blotch on lip. Quite fragrant. $28 fs


Laelia anceps species Mexican and Central American species. Inflorescences are long and hold the showy and large( up to 4 inches across) flowers held high above the pseudobulbs. Flower colour can be variable but typically petals are rose-purple with the sepals darker. $35-38 fs
Laelia dayana (Cattleya bicalhoi) Species Very compact species from Brazil. Petals and sepals are pale pink to rosy mauve, and the tubular lip is heavily veined deep red with the end of the lip a solid red. $32-34 fs
Ludochilus Dominyi Anoectochilus roxburghii x Ludisia discolor A jewel orchid cross that was originally made in 1865! These plants are purchased primarily for their stunning foliage. Deep green leaves overlaid by pink veins. $28-30 fs

Available July 2022

Lycaste skinneri ('L'Amazone super x Rosea Denis') species A crossing of two select clones of this desirable Central American species. Flowers are large, waxy and fragrant. Blossoms are variable in color, from creamy white to pink. $28-32 fs

Masdevallia Masd (Angel Tang x princeps) Most of these will have large flowers in peach tones, some with red flares and spotting. Intermediate grower that prefers dappled light. Flowers are quite variable. $28 fs


Masdevallia Masd (Myck Santos x pachyura) These should range from cream to pale rose in colour, many with deeper pink spots. Some have been fragrant. $28-34  fs

Masdevallia Masd (weberbaueri x impostor)  Flowers are dark purple with a bright yellow/orange dorsal and tails, combining the best of both parents, which are held high above the plant's leaves. $30-32 fs
Masdevallia barlaeana species Miniature Species. Flowers are a brilliant rosy crimson. $28-30  fs
Masdevallia Huayna Picchu (Masd. veitchiana x Masd. princeps) Large, deep orange flowers. Intermediate grower and diffuse light are ideal conditions for this plant. $30-32 fs
Masdevallia infracta Amarella ***** x self species Floriferous and compact, this delightful plant flowers repeatedly off of the same stem. Native to Brazil. The parents of this cross are a rich, deep yellow and the best will be clear yellows with some burnt yellow and red flowers. $30 fs
Masdevallia Measuresiana Masd (amabilis x tovarensis) Elegant white flowers flushed in pink with long tails. One of the easier ones to grow and flower. $28 fs


Masdevallia Teipels Streifenhörnchen 'Paramount's Bob & Audrey Shea' HCC/AOS Masd (chaparensis x garciae) White flowers heavily overlaid with purple stripes and spots.

Division of awarded plant.

$32-340 fs
Masdevallia weberbaueri species Deep purple flowers with gold tips held high on tall spikes. It is more of a warm growing species than most Masdevallias $30-32 fs
Maxillariella variabilis Species  Small, compact plant with flowers are up to (2 cm) across. The flowers, which are highly variable, may be white, yellow, deep orange, greenish yellow, and occasionally dark red or red-brown. They may also have dark red markings or a red lip. $28-30 fs

Miltonia Miltonia (Honolulu x Binotii) Warm growing hybrid. Flowers have an off white base with large oval pink spots and a deeper pink lip. $30-32 fs

Miltonia Puna Cove Milt Belle Glade ‘Everglades’ x Sandy’s Cove ‘San Diego’ Another easy to flower hybrid. Yellow to coral petals and sepals with a contrasting pink to purple lip. $28-32 fs


 Odontobrassia Kenneth Biven 'Santa Barbara'  Odm cariniferum x Brassia longissima Excellent substance and unique color pattern; spidery sepals and petals are a chocolate brown purple, with yellow tips, and creamy lip.   $32-35 fs

Odontonia Tropical Heat Wave ‘Everglades’ HCC/AOS Miltonia spectabiis x Odm Hyperry Sepals and petals red-purple, slightly ruffled; lip purple, margins lighter, waterfall darker ringed white; column white with purple marks, velvety lip. Mericlone. $30-36 fs
Oncidium (Wilsonara) Pacific Passage 'Handsome' Oncidium (Masayo Morisada x sphacelatum) Sprays of yellow flowers heavily patterned with chestnut blotches. $32-35 fs
Oncidium Pacific Sunrise 'Hakalau' (Oncidium Hawaiian Sunset x Oncidium sotoanum) A profusion of very fragrant flowers on this compact plant. Petals and sepals are tan to pinkin colour whereas the lip is a much deeper pink. $28-30 fs


Oncidium Sunny Daze 'Hilo Bay' Oncidium (Roy Wittwer x Sphacetante) This Oncidium carries tall, branching spikes loaded with orange/bronze petals and sepals and a yellow lip. $32-35  fs
Oncidium Sweet Sugar Onc Aloha Iwanaga x varicosum A very compact spike (14" - 18"), heavy branching leading to a cloud of intense yellow, relatively long lasting flowers. $32-34 fs
Oncidium Twinkle 'CT-Red Fantasy' Oncidium (cheirophorum x sotoanum) Another compact Oncidium Twinkle hybrid that will flower profusely on a compact plant. Flowers are a deep pink and highly fragrant, $28-30 fs

Available July 2022

Oncidium Twinkle 'Fragrance Beauty' Onc (cheirophorum x sotoanum) Compact oncidium clone with  branching spikes carrying a multitude of very fragrant (vanilla) cream to pale yellow flowers. Multi growth plants. $28-30 fs
Oncidium Twinkle 'White Light - Pink' Onc (sotoanum) x cheirophorum) This’ is a great miniature which can flower when it is little more than four inches tall. The flowers can vary,with some creamy white with a hint of pink whereas others are soft pinks highighted by a golden yellow callus.. Great fragrance. $28-32 fs
Oncidium Twinkle ‘Red Fantasy’ Onc (sotoanum) x cheirophorum) This small plant throws an abundance of pink/red flowers on branching spikes and, as an added bonus, the flowers will be fragrant. $28-30 fs
Oncostele Catatante 'Kilauea Karma' AM/AOS Oncidium Sphacetante x Oncostele Wildcat This clone carries many flowers on tall branching spikes. The flowers are a shiny rusty brown with a pale yellow lip overlaid in rose pink. $30-36 fs
Oncostele Catatante 'Los Robles' Oncidium Sphacetante x Oncostele Wildcat Tall, upright sprays of deep copper coloured flowers with a contrasting lip that is pale orange at its center feathering to a deeper orange at the edges. $30-36 fs
Oncostele (Wilonara) Joe Vanilla 'First Out' Oncostele Top Cat x Oncidium Garboi Flowers on this hybrid are full with ruffled edges and markings of white, pink and red. Somewhat similar to the Oncostele Tan Treasures 'Lavender Picotee'  noted above. $26-28 nfs


Oncostele (Colmanara)Wildcat 'Cherry Tomato' Oncostele Rustic Bridge x Oncidium Crowborough Flowers are a bit similar to the 'Bobcat' clone since both have red/mahogany petals and sepals but the Cherry Tomato clone has a much more pronounced butter yellow edging along the petals, sepals and the cherry coloured lip. $30-34 fs
Oncostele Wildcat 'Golden Red Star' Oncostele Rustic Bridge x Oncidium Crowborough Flowers have sepals and petals that are a dark oxblood, with yellow edges. The large lip is red, with light yellow edges at the base. $30-34 fs
Rhynchonia (Odontonia) Pacific Paranoia 'Other Side of Cool' Rhynchostele bictoniensis x Miltonia Honolulu  These large flowers will have sepals and petals that are chartreuse, overlaid with purple. The lip is deep purple with darker purple veins $30-32 fs


Paphiopedilum Paphiopedilum (Cinder Cone x Macabre) White dorsal overlaid with green stripes. Green and burgundy petals, with deep burgundy spotting on the petals.Pouch is burgundy with veining. Good shape $34 fs


Paphiopedilum Paphiopedilum [(Flame Arrow x Watercolor Artist) x (Voodoo Magic x Eric Meng)] x Maudiae Vinicolor These will be coloratum and vinicolors. Flowers should be large and balanced held high above the mottled leafed foliage. $32 nfs

$36 fs 



Paphiopedilum [Ching Hua Vinicolor x (Flame Arrow x Watercolor Artist) x (Voodoo Magic x Eric Meng) 'Roberto' a Maudiae 'Schwartz Madonna'] Breeding for very large, dark vinicoloured flowers. $28 nfs

$32-34 fs

Paphiopedilum Paph (Tree of Beauty x henryanum) This is a complex paph crossed to the henryanum species. Expecting large flowers in strong red and green tones on fairly compact plants. $32-35 fs
Paphiopedilum Paph (sukhakulii x Orpheus) Flowers should be coloratum types with the venustum adding interesting veining to the pouch and the sukhakulii the likelihood of 'warts' on the petals. $34-36 fs
Paphiopedilum PUN 978 Paphiopedilum (Little By Little x Coconut Candy) x Little Stevie ‘Star Struck’ Breeding for miniature complex paphiopedilums. Flowers will be large relative to the size of the plant and should be in pink and tan tones, some with spotting on dorsal. These are very small plants with a leaf span of less than 3 inches. $34  fs
Paphiopedilum haynaldianum 'Cynosure' HCC x Lloyd's Am AOS


Very dark and large form of species Expect dorsal sepals that are cream and green with purple blushes. Petals are held in a Fu Manchu style, lower half pink tones with upper part green with some spotting. Pouch should be tan. $36-38  fs
Paphiopedilum insigne


The dorsal sepal is green, marked with large brown spots, the margin white. The petals are yellowish green, veined pale brown. The lip is golden brown, veined darker brown, the side lobes a deep yellow-brown with paler margins. $32-34 nfs

$36-40 fs

Paphiopedilum Norbert Gomes Paph (insigne Dark Form x Winston Churchill 'Indomitable' FCC/AOS) Flowers should be large, glossy, well shaped and in mahogany and cream shades. $36-38 fs

Paphiopedilum Samba Deception Paphiopedilum (Double Deception x Cocoa Cherry) This cross should give reasonably large flowers held high on upright spikes. Dorsal sepal white with strong green and red striping whereas the petals should be green and white with lots of 'warts'. Pouch will be green and mahogany. $32-35 fs

Paphiopedilum Shirley Amundson Paph (hookerae x acmondontum) Dark green sepals with even darker striping, petals also green but covered with red/purple spots. Primary hybrid. $32 nfs

$36 fs 

Paphiopedilum Zycleon Paphiopedilum (rothschildianum x Pinocchio) Interesting cross. The Roth parent clearly dominates in terms of size of flower and vivid striping on the dorsal. Pinocchio lends to a more colourful pouch and the spotted, wavy petals. $32-36 nfs
  Phalaenopsis bellina ('Red Apple' x Alba) species There should be a range of colour forms from this crossing. Some likely will have the vibrant deep pink/red lateral sepals of the 'Red Apple' clone whereas others will have softer pink lateral sepals. All will be fragant. $36 fs

Available July 2022

Phalaenopsis schilleriana species Foliage is wonderfully mottled, flowers are a soft pink and many give off a rose like fragrance. $36  fs

Available July 2022


Phalaenopsis violacea fma indigo species Flowers are a solid blue purple. And have a wonderful fragrance. $42-45

Available July 2022


  Phalaenopsis violacea fma Magenta species As the name inplies, flowers are a deep rich magenta colour. Very fragrant. $42-45 fs

Available July 2022 Limited


Pleurothallis secunda species South American species. Creamy yellow flowers with magenta striping. $26-28 fs
Prosthechea (encyclia) radiata species Species from Central America. Flowers are showy, fragrant and about 1' across. Petals and sepals are cream coloured. $30-34 fs
  Renanthera bella species Borneo species. Many showy flowers are produced on a spike, the flowers have a yellow base which is nearly solidly overlaid in varying shades of red with darker red spots. $32 fs

Available July 2022 Limited

Rhyncholaeliocattleya (Blc) Chia Lin 'New City' AM/AOS Rlc Oconee x Maitland) Sepals and petals ruby red; lip garnet with buttercup-yellow striations in throat; column white tipped ruby red; substance heavy; texture crystalline. Mericlone $36 nfs

$38-42 fs

Rhyncattleanthe Fu Shu Glory 'Happy Holiday' Rhyncattleanthe Varut Feastful x Cattlianthe Kauai Starbright) Stunning flowers on this clone. Petals and sepals are white each with a vivid yellow stripe passing through the center. Lip is a very deep wine red with a dark old gold throat. $36-38 fs
  Rhyncholaeliocattleya Haw Yuan Gold Rhyncholaeliocattleya (Lemon Tree x Tassie Barbero) Large plant with  vibrant golden orange flowers with good presentation. $38-45 fs

Rhyncholaeliocattleya Elegant Dancer Rlc Don De Michaels x Dark Eyes) Lavender flowers with petals a deep lavender and the lip is equally a dark lavender with a yellow gold center. Sepals are a lighter lavender. $38-48 fs
Rhyncholaeliocattleya Hsinying Dream 'Violet Queen' Cattleya Love Castle x Rlc Birthday Dream Sepals are fuchsia and the petals are a darker fuchsia. The lip golden yellow, outside and a third of ruffled midlobe is overlaid red. The flowers have good substance with velvety texture. $36-40 fs

Rhyncholaeliocattleya Li Jiuan Dancer Cattleya Time Finney x Rlc Elegant Dancer Large full-form and extremely fragrant flowers are produced on a plant with a compact growth habit. Petals and sepals are a rich, deep pink and the contrasting lip is red/purple. Fragrant. $36-45 fs

Rhyncholaeliocattlya Kuwale Gem 'White Sword' Blc Segundina Vizcarra x Lc Shellie Compton "Large, 5'' white flowers with deep purple flares on the petals and sepals and a large purple lip with the throat veined in gold. $42-46 fs


Rhyncholaeliocattleya Young Kong '16' Rlc Green Fantasy x Rlc Tassie Barbero Medium sized Cattleya hybrid. Inflorescences should produce 3-4 large, fragrant flowers. Flowers will be 3 1/2" to 4 1/2" across. Sepals and petals will be a rich bright yellow with the lip a darker yellow with a red/lavender throat. Picture

$38-45  fs

Sigmatostalix radicans Species This species has grassy thin upright grass like leaves which gives it quite an elegant look. Petals and sepals are a pale green and the lip is white. The fragrant blooms last a long time and plant is a vigorous grower. $26-28 fs
Tuberolabium kotoense (aka saccolabium quisumbingii) species Miniature species from Taiwan. Lots of small, fragrant long lasting flowers that are creamy white with a lip lip that is marked with wine-red or purple spots. Warm grower. $28-30 fs
Vanda (Ascocentrum) garayi species A compact species which has spikes carrying many bright yellow to orange flowers above the leaves of the plant. Very simliar to Ascocentrum miniatum. $28-30 fs


  Vanilla planifolia species Flowers are cream coloured with a tubular lip and are extremely fragrant. Plant needs support and is best grown on a trellis as its growth habit is vine like.  

$35-38 pots





Wilsonara Golden Afternoon ‘Rich Yellow’ Onc sphacelatum x Wils Tigrina Sepals & petals bright yellow, heavily marked and barred with mahogany brown and a lip fading to white. Spikes are tall and these carry a multitude of flowers. Mericlone. $32-35 fs


Zygolum Louisendorf Zygosepalum labiosum x Zygopetalum Artur Elle Flowers have apple green sepals and petals overlaid with purple with a white; lip white heavily and striped in purple. Fragrant. $34-36 fs

Zygonisia Murasakikomachi Zygonisia Roquebrune x Aganisia cyanea Flowers on this plant will all be in varying shades of blue/purple offset by a much darker blue/purple lip. $34-36 fs





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