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Paramount Orchids continuously imports new plant material to ensure that we always have a diverse and unique selection of plants for sale. Our current stock totals approximately 35,000 plants (seedlings to flowering size) and, as a result, we always have something new, or unusual, in flower.

It would be impossible to maintain a current listing of everything that we have in flower, however, we feature on this page certain select plants that we believe will catch the interest of both novice grower and collector alike. 

The plants we are currently listing are a selection from plants that are, or soom should be, in spike  or which we believe are particularly noteworthy.

Please check our web pages frequently as we regularly update it to take into account new plant arrivals or de-flasked seedlings.



This page last updated  March 3, 2021

CODES:  ss = seedling size; ls = large seedling; nfs = near flowering size; fs = flowering size

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Aliceara (Beallara) Kutchin This hybrid was made by Hassinger Orchideen but despite requests, they have not forwarded the parentage (although plant  is listed on their web page). Flowers have a white/cream base overlaid by raspberry/purple swirls and spotting. The colurful glowers are quite large and long lasting. $28-32 nfs
Angraecum magdalenae species Ivory-white flowers with extremely heavy substance, with a spur that will be in shades of apple green and having an attractive spicy fragrance. $26-30 nfs
Brasiliorchis (Maxillaria) picta Species Intermediate grower that can be grown mounted or in pot. Flowers are long lasting and fragrant, various shades of yellow with some purple spotting and striping. $32-36 fs

Brassia Brs. arachnoidea x Brs. Rex Expect lots of spidery looking flowers, base colour is cream but heavily overlaid in green and mahogany spots and bars. $32 - 34 fs


Brassia arcuigera species Very large, pleasantly fragrant, spidery blossoms with long, narrow, sharply pointed, and widely spread, stiffly extended segments. Sepals and petals are yellow to greenish yellow or greenish white when young, becoming orange-yellow with age. They are spotted or blotched with reddish brown near the base. $34-38  fs 

Brassia Aunty Diana Aki KA5084 Brassia (caudata alba x Edvah Loo) The Br caudata parent has yellow to chartreuse petals and sepals with a contrasting white lip with some yellow highlights. Br Edvah Loo has flowers with petals and sepals that are green and accented by chocolate bars and a cream coloured lip with some chocolate spotting. $30-34 fs

Brassia Aunty Diana Aki KA5083


Brassia (Edvah Loo x caudata alba) The first to flower have taken after the Br Edvah Loo parent with pale green petals and sepals accented with some chocolate bars. The lip was cream coloured also with some chocolate markings. $30-34 fs

Brassia Montville Spiders Brassia (Memoria Fritz Boedeker x Brown's Sunrise) These should be large, spidery flowers, with the colours tending towards tan and gold. Large, vigorous plants. $32 nfs

$35-38 fs

Brassia Up the Water-Spout 'Long Legs' Brassia (Spider's Feast x Santa Ynez) Another 'spider' orchid with large flowers carried on long arching spikes. Flowers have a yellow base very heavily marked in mahogany bars. Lip is white overlaid with a deep wine red. $30-34 fs


Brassidium (Miltassia) Spider Star 'Toscana' Brsdm (Brs Rex x Onc schroederianum) 'Tocana' Large, star shaped flowers in yellow/green overlaid with mahogany bars. $28 nfs

$30-32 fs

Bratonia (Miltassia) Lavender Kiss 'Lavender Taffy' AM/AOS Bratonia Shelob x Bratonia Charles M. Fitch Very large flowers on this plant. Sepals and petals have a cream-coloured base overlaid in a deep lavender. The large lip is evenly blushed lavender, sparsely and irregularly spotted with brown, yellow and white spots. $32-35 fs
Bulbophyllum ambrosia Species Miniature plant. Flowers are white, pink striped and the spikes are held above the foliage. The plant has a pleasant, sweet fragrance and is particularly easy to grow. $28-30 fs
Bulbophyllum carunculatum Species Large (3 1/2") green flowers with a deep purple (near black) lip. Can be grown potted or mounted. Prefers light shade. $28-32 fs
Bulbophyllum dearii Species This form of the species has yellow flowers with tessellation on the dorsal sepal and red highlights on sepals. Flowers are up to 3” and are long lasting and waxy with a slight fragrance. $28-30 fs

Bulbophyllum Jim Krull Bulb (lobbii x ornatissimum) Dorsal sepal and petals will be in yellow tones with burgundy spots; lip should be a dark yellow, heavily overlaid burgundy. $30 fs


Bulbophyllum lobbii species This species is from Borneo, Indonesia and Malaysia. Its inflorescence is erect,  arising from a node on the rhizome and has a large fragrant yellow flower on each new pseudobulb held above the leaves.  $28 nfs

$32-34 fs 

Bulbophyllum makoyanum

(different colour form)

species This miniature produces stunning 'daisy like' yellow speckled with purple flowers that are pleasantly fragrant. $30-32 fs


Bulbophyllum Meen Garuda Bulbophyllum lasiochilum x Bulbophyllum echinolabium This compact plant has very large flowers, similar to Bulb echinolabium. Petals and sepals are cream coloured and heavily suffused with raspberry red spots. Lip is deep dark raspberry, $28-30 fs
Bulbophyllum sulawesii species Indonesian species newly described, sequential large spidery flowers that reflex back.  Flowers are in the green, tans and creams and quite unusual. $28-32 fs
Bulbophyllum taiwanense species Miniature species from Taiwan. Clusters of orangey brown flowers are help high above the leaves. 28 fs
  Brassolaeliocattleya Alma Kee 'Tipmalee' Lc Alma x Blc Cheah Bean-Kee Large, well formed golden yellow flowers with a beautiful contrasting red lip purple lip veined with gold. $35-38 fs

Cattleya Cattleya (Rubin x sincorana) This cross is 1/4 Cattleya purpurata and 3/4 Cattleya sincorana. Plants will be compact with pink to deep red flowers that are large for the size of the plant. $30-32 fs


Cattleya Catleya (Aloha Case x bicalhoi (dayana)) These will be compact plants with a deep pink colour and an even deeper dark cherry lip. $32-34  fs

Cattleya C. nobilior v Coerulea x C. bicalho (aka L dayana) var Coerulea This cross produces large flowers on compact plants. The first to bloom have had deep pink flowers with a much darker lip and were fragrant. $36 fs

Cattleya Orglade's Grand Cattleya ( Mildred Rives x Persepolis) Sparkling white flowers with a stunning lip in magenta-purple and a lemon yellow throat. Flower substance is good. Fragrant. $40-42 fs

Large Plants

Cattlianthe Doris and Byron 'Christmas Rose' Cattleya Love Castle x Cattlianthe Candy Tuft Rich lavender sepals and petals the latter of which are slightly ruffled and veined in darker lavender. The lip is lavender with a yellow throat. $35-38  fs
Chysis limminghei Species A medium sized Mexican species. Expecting flowers with sepals and petals that are light cream, overlaid dark orange-brown on the lower half, with a yellow lip and with red-orange stripes. $32-34 fs
Cirrhaea loddigesii Species Brazilian species. Spikes are long, carrying up to 20 fragrant flowers which are similar  to those of Cirrhaea dependens (some believe that loddigesii is a variety of dependens) $30-32 fs
Cirrhopetalum fascinator


The blooms on this plant move, wave, and wiggle. Native to Laos, Burma, Thailand and Vietnam. The large flowers are deep red, petals and sepals are somewhat 'hairy'. $28-30 fs

Colmanara Masai Pink Rhynchostele bictoniensis x Oncidium cariniferum Flowers should have sepals and petals that are evenly blotched and barred in mahogany, olive green to tan on reverse and the lip will be varying shades of pink. $32-36 fs

Colmanara Masai Red Rhynchostele bictoniensis x Oncidium cariniferum The flowers on this cross gives deep mahogany petals and sepals and a dark red lip on flowers that are up to 3 inches in size. $32-34 fs

Colmanara Masai White Rhynchostele bictoniensis x Oncidium cariniferum Petals and sepals have the shape, coloration & patterning of a large bictoniense flower but the lip shows more of the influence of the other parent being white with pink spotting at the base and blending to white to the extremities. $32-36 fs

 Degarmoara Hani 'Star of Unicorn' AM/AOS  Mtssa Charles Marden Fitch x Odm Hallii Huge plum coloured flowers, dark blotches on petals, rose lip with a stunning white waterfall. Stunning!

 $35 fs

$30-32  nfs

Dendrobium Bardo Rose Dend (falcorostrum 'BE' x Kingianum ('Alison x Inferno') Most will have fragrant, white flowers overlaid with pink-lavender and pink-lavender on reverse of petals. Lip is white, overlaid pale pink-lavender and dark lavender stippling. Compact plant. $28-32 fs


Dendrobium bellatulum species This miniature species has large, long lasting flowers having creamy white petals and sepals with some green veining and a brilliantly coloured yellow to orange lip. $30-32 fs


Dendrobium bracteosum red form species Very long lasting flowers are produced low on leafless canes which can flower in successive years. This form should be much darker than the regular pink variety. $28-32 fs
Dendrobium bullenianum species Species from Western Samoa and the Philippines which can attain a height of 24 inches. Flowers are bright yellow to amber with red to purple stripes and form in clusters on the sides of the canes. $28-34 fs
Dendrobium cretaceum species Medium sized deciduous species with showy 2-3 inch flowers in an off white colour with pink/purple veining in the throat and lip. Fragrant. $28-32 fs
Dendrobium farmeri


A wide-spread species from Vietnam, that produces dense, pendulous racemes of white (rarely pink) flowers with a golden lip.  $28 nfs

$30-34 fs

Dendrobium formosum species A large flowering dendrobium from India, with showy, white flowers that have a yellow throat. Has a very pleasant licorice fragrance. $32-36 fs

Dendrobium Frosty Dawn Dendrobium (Dawn Maree x Lime Frost) Spikes are produced from the top of the canes and carry flowers that are 2 " - 3" across. Sepals & petals are white or a creamy-green. The lip is white to cream, with the bottom half yellow, bright orange or orange-red. $28-32 fs

Dendrobium Hibiki Dendrobium (bracteosum x laevifolium) Dark rose pink flowers with a bright pink lip arranged in large clusters around the base of the plant. Relatively compact and quite easy to grow with flowers that are very long lived. 28-32 fs

Dendrobium Hsinying Frostymaree Dendrobium (Frosty Dawn x Dawn Maree) Flowers are white with contrasting orangey red lip. Long lasting blooms. $30-32 fs
Dendrobium kingianum var alba species Compact Australian species – profusion of white flowers  Compact plant. Prefers intermediate conditions and bright light. $28 fs
Dendrobium kingianum species Compact Australian species - profusion of pinkish-mauve flowers. Fragrant. $26-28 fs

Dendrobium Kuniko Dendrobium (goldschmidtianum x victoriae-reginae) This primary hybrid will have lavender/blue to dark purple flowers with an even darker striations on the petals, sepals and lip. $30-32 fs
Dendrobium miyakei (goldschmidtianum) species Flowers are a deep lavender with darker stripes with sepals white at the tips and a contrasting orange column. Needs a slight drying out period in the fall and winter. $28-32 fs
Dendrobium polyanthum (primulinum) species Southeast asian species. Canes are 10-18 inches long carrying showy 2"-3" fragrant flowers with rose to purple petals & sepals and a flared yellow trumpet lip with a fringe along the margin. The throat is tinged with dark pink near the base. $32-34 fs

Dendrobium Roongkamol Vejvarut Dendrobium (Dawn Maree x formosum) Relatively large flowers on this new hybrid. Expect big white flowers with dorsal slightly veined in pale chartreuse and the lip overlaid in bright orange $30-34 fs
Dendrobium sanderae var Luzonica species This species from the Philippines has tall canes carrying showy, crystalline white flowers with a throat that is marked with sharply contrasting red or plum-purple parallel stripes. $30-35 fs
Dendrobium uniflorum species Southeast asian species with canes 12 to 16 inches high. The flowers are long lived, about 1" in size. The large lip is pale green and may be marked with yellow and tan. $30-32 fs
Dendrochilum latifolium species Philippine species. Plant up to is 18" high with spectacular spikes up to 18" long. Flowers are creamy yellow to a translucent pale green with an orange lip. $30-34 fs

Dendrochilum wenzelii species Species from the Philippines. Lots of yellow to red flowers are held on each flower spike. Prefers somewhat shaded conditions with intermediate to warm conditions. $30-32 fs

Dracuvallia Memoria Maria Arcila Masd. veitchiana x Drac. Chimaera Expect relatively large flowers  in orange to sunset tones. Intermediate conditions and diffuse lights is what this plant requires. $28-32 fs
Encyclia cochlea species Popular species often called the ‘cockleshell’ orchid. Long lasting greenish-yellow inverted flowers with lip striated in purple. Fragrant. $26-32 fs
Epidendrum (Prosthechea) garcianum Species Compact species. Flowers are a cream colour heavily overlaid in rose spotting with the typical 'upside down' flower presentation. Spicy fragrance. $28-30 fs

Gomesa (Oncidium) Moon Shadow 'Tigertail' Gomesa Hornet x Gomesa Big Bee The flowers are canary yellow; sepals deep oxblood; the large lip is flat, marked oxblood at the base. $30-32 fs
Haraella odorata (retrocalla) species Miniature Taiwan Species, flowers are cream to yellow with purple blotch on lip. Quite fragrant. $28 fs


Laelia anceps species Mexican and Central American species. Inflorescences are long and hold the showy and large( up to 4 inches across) flowers held high above the pseudobulbs. Flower colour can be variable but typically petals are rose-purple with the sepals darker. $35-38 fs
Laelia dayana (Cattleya bicalhoi) Species Very compact species from Brazil. Petals and sepals are pale pink to rosy mauve, and the tubular lip is heavily veined deep red with the end of the lip a solid red. $32-34 fs
Leptotes bicolor


 This lovely species is found in eastern Brazil. The sepals and petals are white and the lip is light to deep purple in the middle and white towards the outer margins. The flowers are amazingly large compared to the size of the plant. $28-30  fs
Lycaste skinneri ('L'Amazone super x Rosea Denis') species A crossing of two select clones of this desirable Central American species. Flowers are large, waxy and fragrant. Blossoms are variable in color, from creamy white to pink. $28-32 fs

Masdevallia Masd (Angel Tang x princeps) Most of these will have large flowers in peach tones, some with red flares and spotting. Intermediate grower that prefers dappled light. Flowers are quite variable. $26-28 fs


Masdevallia Masd (coccinea x regina) Breeding for large, deep red flowers. Picture $26-28  fs

Masdevallia Masd (Golden Tiger x macrura) Breeding for gold to sunset toned flowers some with red spots and others with stripes. $26-28 fs

Masdevallia Masd (Myck Santos x pachyura) These should range from cream to pale rose in colour, many with deeper pink spots. Some have been fragrant. $25-28 fs

Masdevallia Masd (weberbaueri x impostor)  Flowers are dark purple with a bright yellow/orange dorsal and tails, combining the best of both parents, which are held high above the plant's leaves. $28-30 fs
Masdevallia barlaeana species Miniature Species. Flowers are a brilliant rosy crimson. $28-30  fs
Masdevallia coriacea species Flowers are about 3 inches in size, held high above the leaves, and are pale green with purple spots/stripes. Lip is hinged. $28-30 fs
Masdevallia infracta Amarella ***** x self species Floriferous and compact, this delightful plant flowers repeatedly off of the same stem. Native to Brazil. The parents of this cross are a rich, deep yellow and the best will be clear yellows with some burnt yellow and red flowers. $28 fs

Masdevallia Kimballiana Masdevallia caudata x Masdevallia veitchiana This hybrid prefers intermediate conditions and fairly shaded light. Flowers are yellow to gold in colour some with deep red spotting superimposed throughout. $30 fs

Masdevallia Lemon Meringue Masd (Mary Staal x coccinea 'alba') White flowers edged in yellow with yellow tails. $26-28 fs

Masdevallia Teipels Coppertri Masd Copperwing x Masd triangularis Yellow gold flowers burnished wil a patina of red/orange hairs. $28 fs
Masdevallia tovarensis


This miniature plant throws a multitude of pure white flowers. $28-30 fs


Maxillaria rufescens Species Flower colour is extremely variable, ranging from white to red/brown. Petals are often yellow, regardless of the color of the sepals. The lip is also usually yellow with red or red-brown or red-purple spotting. Fragrant. $32-35 fs
Maxillariella variabilis Species  Small, compact plant with flowers are up to (2 cm) across. The flowers, which are highly variable, may be white, yellow, deep orange, greenish yellow, and occasionally dark red or red-brown. They may also have dark red markings or a red lip. $28-30 fs

Miltassia Aztec 'Toni' HCC/AOS Mtssa Cartagena x Milt Minas Gerais Large flowers with sepals and petals soft reddish purple, boldly marked with maroon blotches and distinctly outlined in white. The lip is a bright reddish purple, fading to rose-lavender. Tall, elegant spikes. $28-34 fs

Miltassia C. M. Fitch ‘Izumi’ Brassia verrucosa x Miltonia spectabilis Sepals and petals pale green with purple blotches evenly distributed; lip lilac. This clone has well spaced flowers. $28-32 fs

Miltonia Miltonia (Honolulu x Binotii) Warm growing hybrid. Flowers have an off white base with large oval pink spots and a deeper pink lip. $26-30 fs

Miltonia Puna Cove Milt Belle Glade ‘Everglades’ x Sandy’s Cove ‘San Diego’ Another easy to flower hybrid. Yellow to coral petals and sepals with a contrasting pink to purple lip. $28-32 fs

 Miltonidium Bartley Schwartz 'Highlander'  Milt Red Pali x Onc Honolulu Multi-flowering and vigorous - flowers are vibrant red with a white to light pink lip, good sized and held on long sprays. Fragrant.  $28-32 fs


Miltonidium Guann Shin Rouge 'Ruby' Miltonidium Memoria Mary Kavanaugh x Oncidium Firecracker Flowers are an orangey red colour with the lip a bit brighter and accented by yellow patterns midway down. $30-34 fs

 Odontobrassia Kenneth Biven 'Santa Barbara'  Odm cariniferum x Brassia longissima Excellent substance and unique color pattern; spidery sepals and petals are a chocolate brown purple, with yellow tips, and creamy lip.  $30-34 fs

Odontonia Tropical Heat Wave ‘Everglades’ HCC/AOS Miltonia spectabiis x Odm Hyperry Sepals and petals red-purple, slightly ruffled; lip purple, margins lighter, waterfall darker ringed white; column white with purple marks, velvety lip. Mericlone. $30-36 fs
Oncidium Heaven Scent 'Redolence' Oncidium (Ruffles x Sharry Baby) Flowers are extremely fragrant (chocolate or vanilla) and are held in sprays well above the foliage. Petals and sepals are red with the ends blending to white. The top third of the lip is dark red whereas the rest of the lip is white. $28-32 fs
Oncidium Jairak Fragrance Oncidium Twinkle x Yuan Nan Fragrant) Vanilla or chocolate fragrance. Flowers have red petals and sepals with the lip being white but accented by deep pink. Flowers resemble those of Sharry Baby and Heaven Scent clones but on smaller plant with lots of flowers. $30-34 fs
Oncidium (Wilsonara) Pacific Passage 'Handsome' Oncidium (Masayo Morisada x sphacelatum) Sprays of yellow flowers heavily patterned with chestnut blotches. $26-28 nfs

$30-34 fs

Oncidium Pacific Sunrise 'Hakalau' (Oncidium Hawaiian Sunset x Oncidium sotoanum) A profusion of very fragrant flowers on this compact plant. Petals and sepals are tan to pinkin colour whereas the lip is a much deeper pink. $26-30 fs
Oncidium Sweet Sugar Onc Aloha Iwanaga x varicosum A very compact spike (14" - 18"), heavy branching leading to a cloud of intense yellow, relatively long lasting flowers. $28-30 fs
Oncidium Tariflor Lady 'Beautiful Lady' Oncidium (Tariflor Ruby x Tariflor Queen) Sprays of many wine red flowers with deep pink and white lip held high above the foliage. Fragrant. $30-34 fs
Oncostele Catatante 'Kilauea Karma' AM/AOS Oncidium Sphacetante x Oncostele Wildcat This clone carries many flowers on tall branching spikes. The flowers are a shiny rusty brown with a pale yellow lip overlaid in rose pink. $30-35 fs
Oncostele Catatante 'Los Robles' Oncidium Sphacetante x Oncostele Wildcat Tall, upright sprays of deep copper coloured flowers with a contrasting lip that is pale orange at its center feathering to a deeper orange at the edges. $30-34 fs
Oncostele (Colmanara)Wildcat 'Cherry Tomato' Oncostele Rustic Bridge x Oncidium Crowborough Flowers are a bit similar to the 'Bobcat' clone since both have red/mahogany petals and sepals but the Cherry Tomato clone has a much more pronounced butter yellow edging along the petals, sepals and the cherry coloured lip. $30-34 fs
Oncostele Wildcat 'Golden Red Star' Oncostele Rustic Bridge x Oncidium Crowborough Flowers have sepals and petals that are a dark oxblood, with yellow edges. The large lip is red, with light yellow edges at the base. $30-34 fs
Oncostele (Colmanara)Wildcat 'Rainbow' Oncostele Rustic Bridge x Oncidium Crowborough The flowers of this clone have oxblood sepals and petals the tips of which are accented in bright yellow. Top half of the lip is vivid cherry whereas the lower half is white. $30-34 fs
Rhynchonia (Odontonia) Pacific Paranoia 'Other Side of Cool' Rhynchostele bictoniensis x Miltonia Honolulu  These large flowers will have sepals and petals that are chartreuse, overlaid with purple. The lip is deep purple with darker purple veins $30-32 fs


Paphiopedilum Paphiopedilum (Cinder Cone x Macabre) White dorsal overlaid with green stripes. Green and burgundy petals, with deep burgundy spotting on the petals.Pouch is burgundy with veining. Good shape $30-32 fs


Paphiopedilum Paphiopedilum [(Flame Arrow x Watercolor Artist) x (Voodoo Magic x Eric Meng)] x Maudiae Vinicolor These will be coloratum and vinicolors. Flowers should be large and balanced held high above the mottled leafed foliage. $30-34 fs

Paphiopedilum Paph (Provocation x Lippespot) A crossing of a yellow complex paph to a burgundy complex paph. Should get a range of colours and the flowers will large and glossy. $32-34 fs
Paphiopedilum callosum species This species has light to heavily mottled leaves and generally produces a tall spike with one large flower. Flowers are red and green with white on the upper part of the dorsal sepal which is striped. $30-34 nfs


Paphiopediluym Delophyllum Paph (delantii x glaucophyllum) Flowers are varying shades of pink, some, as in the picture, have a rich deep pink suffusion throughout whereas others are brushed in light pink shades. Easy to grow and flower. $30 nfs

$32-35 fs

Paphiopedilum haynaldianum 'Cynosure' HCC x Lloyd's Am AOS


Very dark and large form of species Expect dorsal sepals that are cream and green with purple blushes. Petals are held in a Fu Manchu style, lower half pink tones with upper part green with some spotting. Pouch should be tan. $30-32 nfs

$34-36 fs

Paphiopedilum Honey OIE0144 (alba) Paph. philippinense var. album 'Albino Beauty' AM/AOS x primulium var. album 'Full Moon' Remake of this beautiful primary hybrid using two albino form of the species. Flowers will be tending to the yellow tan colours. $34-36 fs
Paphiopedilum insigne


The dorsal sepal is green, marked with large brown spots, the margin white. The petals are yellowish green, veined pale brown. The lip is golden brown, veined darker brown, the side lobes a deep yellow-brown with paler margins. $32 nfs

$36 fs

Paphiopedilum Johanna Burkhardt Paph (rothschildianum x aductum) The best of these should have green sepals, striped in dark burgundy; tan pouch becoming soft green toward tips and faintly striped mahogany. $36 nfs

$38-42 fs

Paphiopedilum Magic Lantern Paph (micranthum x delanatii) Pink to magenta flowers overlaid with deeper veins or spots. $30 nfs

$35 fs

Paphiopedilum Norbert Gomes Paph (insigne Dark Form x Winston Churchill 'Indomitable' FCC/AOS) Flowers should be large, glossy, well shaped and in mahogany and cream shades. $32  nfs

$35 fs

Paphiopedilum Pinocchio ‘Natural Beauty’ x sib ‘Giant Albino’ PUN 666 Paph (glaucophyllum x primulinum) Solid greens sequentials, some tinged pink. Paphanatics breeding. $34-36 fs

Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin Paph (rothschildianum 'Ronnie's Wings' HCC x philippinense) These have large, sweeping flowers which can be up to 10 inches long! The base colour is a cream with a large vertically striped dorsal sepal and long twisting spotted petals. Paphanatics breeding. $34-36 nfs

Paphiopedilum Samba Deception Paphiopedilum (Double Deception x Cocoa Cherry) This cross should give reasonably large flowers held high on upright spikes. Dorsal sepal white with strong green and red striping whereas the petals should be green and white with lots of 'warts'. Pouch will be green and mahogany. $30-32 fs

Paphiopedilum Shirley Amundson Paph (hookerae x acmondontum) Dark green sepals with even darker striping, petals also green but covered with red/purple spots. Primary hybrid. $30-34 nfs
Paphiopedilum spicerianum


Dorsal sepal is white with a purple mid-stripe and sharply contrasting green basal area. Petals are green with purple mid-stripe and the pouch is a dark green to tan. $36 fs

Paphiopedilum Walter White PUN 656 Paph. (Moy Lim Gum x Via Quatal) ‘Green Heart’ BCSA x [(Via Quatal x Maudiae) x (Oriental Mystique x Macabre)] ‘Green Jade’ Coloratums with large green dorsals – some tri-colors (Dorsal petal pouch different color). Paphanatics breeding. $34-36 fs
Phalaenopsis Phal (Princess Kaiulani x Samera f coerulea) Flowers vary, some will be very similar to a darker coloured bellina, others will resemble a near solid coloured violacea - and everything in between! All are scented. $32 - $35 fs

Very Limited

  Phalaenopsis bellina 'Red Apple' species This clone is one with more of the red suffusion at the centre of the plant as well as at the base of the petals and sepals. $36 fs
  Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana species The 1-1/2-inch flowers have beautiful colored purple bars all round the sepals and petals. The flowers are long lasting and bloom in the late summer months. The flowers are fragrant and waxy. $34-36 fs
Phalaenopsis mentawaiensis species Newly discovered species from Indonesia. Flowers are somewhat similar to Phal bellina and violacea but mentawaiensis has a longer inflorescence. $36 fs


Phalaenopsis schilleriana species Foliage is wonderfully mottled, flowers are a soft pink and many give off a rose like fragrance. $32-35  fs

Phragmipedium   Magic Twig Phrag (Taras x Mont Fallu 4n) With one of the parents having Grande in the backgound, expecting large, relatively long petalled flowers, in green and tan colours, some with twisting petals that will be tending to mohagany shades. $38-40 fs
Pleurothallis secunda species South American species. Creamy yellow flowers with magenta striping. $26-28 fs

Prosthechea Elfin Psh. (cochleata x prismatocarpa) Expecting flowers that more closely resemble the prismatocarpa parent that the cochleata parent. Creamy white petals and sepals with wine red spots, lip pale lavender overlaid with deeper wine striations. $28-34  fs
Prosthechea (encyclia) radiata species Species from Central America. Flowers are showy, fragrant and about 1' across. Petals and sepals are cream coloured. $30-32 fs

Psychopsis Mariposa 'Green Valley' AM/AOS Psychopsis (papilio x Kalihi) Sequentially flowering mericlone.  Sepals are a mahogany brown with irregular blotches; petals yellow with irregular chestnut barrings. The lip has a tear- drop. Flowers are large, up to 3 inches wide and 4 inches long $36-38 fs

Rhyncholaeliocattleya (Blc) Chia Lin 'New City' AM/AOS Rlc Oconee x Maitland) Sepals and petals ruby red; lip garnet with buttercup-yellow striations in throat; column white tipped ruby red; substance heavy; texture crystalline. Mericlone $35 nfs

$38-42 fs

Rhyncattleanthe Fu Shu Glory 'Happy Holiday' Rhyncattleanthe Varut Feastful x Cattlianthe Kauai Starbright) Stunning flowers on this clone. Petals and sepals are white each with a vivid yellow stripe passing through the center. Lip is a very deep wine red with a dark old gold throat. $35-38 fs

Rhyncholaeliocattleya (Blc) Chia Lin 'New City' AM/AOS Rlc Oconee x Maitland) Sepals and petals ruby red; lip garnet with buttercup-yellow striations in throat; column white tipped ruby red; substance heavy; texture crystalline. Mericlone $35 nfs

$38-42 fs

Rhyncholaeliocattleya Elegant Dancer Rlc Don De Michaels x Dark Eyes) Lavender flowers with petals a deep lavender and the lip is equally a dark lavender with a yellow gold center. Sepals are a lighter lavender. $36-42 fs

Rhyncholaeliocattleya Li Jiuan Dancer Cattleya Time Finney x Rlc Elegant Dancer Large full-form and extremely fragrant flowers are produced on a plant with a compact growth habit. Petals and sepals are a rich, deep pink and the contrasting lip is red/purple. Fragrant. $36-42 fs

Rhyncholaeliocattleya Memoria Crispin Rosales ' 'Lu Kang' Blc Norman’s Bay x Lc Bonanza Flowers have sepals and petals a rich dark lavender and the lip is deep fuchsia on outer half, throat dark lavender, lightly veined with gold. $36-42 fs

Rhyncholaeliocattlya Kuwale Gem 'White Sword' Blc Segundina Vizcarra x Lc Shellie Compton "Large, 5'' white flowers with deep purple flares on the petals and sepals and a large purple lip with the throat veined in gold. $38-42 fs


Rhyncholaeliocattleya Young Kong '16' Rlc Green Fantasy x Rlc Tassie Barbero Medium sized Cattleya hybrid. Inflorescences should produce 3-4 large, fragrant flowers. Flowers will be 3 1/2" to 4 1/2" across. Sepals and petals will be a rich bright yellow with the lip a darker yellow with a red/lavender throat. Picture $38-42  fs

Rhyncholaeliocattleya Village Chief North C Village Chief Cuba x Rlc Memoria Helen Brown Expecting pale green sepals and cream petals with varying amounts of pink feathering and a deeper pink lip. Unusual but very attractive colour combination. $35-38 fs
Sophronitis cernua species  Miniature Brazilian species. Flowers will be full, relatively flat with sepals and petals orange/red and with bright purple on the column. $32-34 fs


Vanda (Ascocentrum) garayi species A compact species which has spikes carrying many bright yellow to orange flowers above the leaves of the plant. Very simliar to Ascocentrum miniatum. $28-30 fs
  Vanilla planifolia species Flowers are cream coloured with a tubular lip and are extremely fragrant. Plant needs support and is best grown on a trellis as its growth habit is vine like.  

$35-38 pots




Zelenkocidium Calico Gem 'Green Valley #1' Oncidium Cranberry Marble x Zelenkoa onusta White sepals and petals highlighted by lilac-violet edges and large lilac-violet spots centrally on petals and sepals. Creamy white lip is large and accentuated by pink spots near the butter yellow callus $30-32 fs


Zygolum Louisendorf Zygosepalum labiosum x Zygopetalum Artur Elle Flowers have apple green sepals and petals overlaid with purple with a white; lip white heavily and striped in purple. Fragrant. $32-36 fs

Zygonisia Murasakikomachi Zygonisia Roquebrune x Aganisia cyanea Flowers on this plant will all be in varying shades of blue/purple offset by a much darker blue/purple lip. $34-36 fs

Zygopetallum Debbie De Mello 'Honolulu Baby' AM/AOS Zygopetalum (Imagination x Helen-Ku) Sepals and petals mahogany edged in green. The lip is a rich dark purple edged in a purple and white skirt. Fragrant. $30-34  fs




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