Phalaenopsis Listing  

CODES:  ss = seedling size; ls = large seedling; nfs = near flowering size; fs = flowering size

This page last updated on October 17, 2021

Note: Phalaenopsis species are listed under out 'Species' page and is where most Phalaenopsis plants that we carry will be found.

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Phalaenopsis Phal (Princess Kaiulani x Samera f coerulea) Flowers vary, some will be very similar to a darker coloured bellina, others will resemble a near solid coloured violacea - and everything in between! All are scented. $30 - $35 fs

Very Limited

Phalaenopsis Ambomanniana Phal (amboinensis x lueddemanniana) Colour of the flowers can range from yellows with red bars to orangey reds to near solid purples. Vivid barring on the petals and sepals is common. $28-30 fs

Currently Unavailable

  Phalaenopsis Corning's Violet Phal. violacea x Phal. corningiana Primary hybrid. Flowers have rich colours ranging from dark wine-red to rich purple. $28-30 fs

Currently Unavailable

Phalaenopsis Cornustris Phal. equestris rosea x Phal. cornu-cervi Star shaped yellow to gold flowers with deeper gold lip. Waxy texture. Quite easy to flower. $28-30 fs

Very Limited

  Phalaenopsis Fantasy Musick Phal. Micro Nova x Phal. equestris The flowers on this plant quite resemble Phal Mini Mark except that the lip is more lavender to magenta as is the spotting on the petals and sepals. $30 fs

Very Limited

  Phalaenopsis Karen Annie Phal. mariae x Phal. hieroglyphica Primary hybrid. Flowers have a glossy yellow base with vivid red barring over the petals and sepals. Lip is lavender. $30 fs

Very Limited


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