Paramount Orchids was started in 1995. We've been growing orchids commercially for over 25 years, and currently have approximately 35,000 orchid plants growing in our British Columbia greenhouses, most of which are intermediate to warm growing.

We carry a very good selection of oncidium intergenerics (oncidiums, miltonias, brassias, odontoglossums, odontonias, odontocidiums, oncostele, burragearas, vuylstekearas, brassidiums, miltonidiums, wilsonaras, miltassias, etc), as well as many different paphiopedilums, cattleya types, some phalaenopsis, many different dendrobiums and masdevallias as well as a very wide variety of orchid species and unusual hybrids. 

The Calgary operation is now permanently closed and all plant inquiries will be dealt with from our Vancouver Island location. We are continuously in the process of updating our web page to reflect current stock and pricing and, for the most part, it is up do date.

NOTE:    Canadian mail order shipments primarily are processed from April to October (weather permitting). However, we have been able to extend this shipping period for one or two day shipments over the past year as we have been shipping plants using alternative delivery services including couriers. So doing has generally resulted in shipment costs that are competitive with Canada Post and generally arrive at their intended destination in a significantly shorter period of time.

We will rely on Canada Post where they are the only the only mode of delivery available or where the cost to do so is both competitive and timely.

All requests for mail order shipments require a complete mailing address including postal code, a contact telephone number, a contact name and an email address. This information is required for us to be able to utilize the new shipping options that we are using  and we will not be able to process orders that do not contain that information.

 Please review our Current Mail Order Policy by clicking on the hyperlink which provides additional information on Mail Order.

MINIMUM ORDER REQUIREMENT:  Effective immediately, we have implemented  a $75 minimum order requirement for all mail orders  which amount does not include the shipping costs, taxes and a handling fee of $13 per order. There is no minimum order or handling fee for those clients who are able to do a Farm Gate Sale (see below).

NOTE:    Effective November 1, 2018 we stopped shipping  to the United States.

APPOINTMENTS:  We currently are not accepting appointments to visit the greenhouses but the Farm Gate Sale process provides another way to purchase plants/supplies and pick them up at the greenhouses (See below).

'FARM GATE' SALES: Starting May 25, 2020  we began accepting orders for plants and supplies by email for pick up at the nursery. This works by clients emailing us with the list of plants/supplies that they wish to purchase. We then confirm availability and email the client with an invoice. All plants/supplies will then have to be paid for prior to arrival at the nursery, Payment can be either by e-Transfer or by calling us at 250 248-7023 to provide the necessary credit card information. Once payment has been made an appropriate day and time will be agreed for pick up. On the given day/time  the client(s) will come to the entrance of our property, press the intercom to be granted access and we will arrange for the plants/supplies to be waiting for them outside the greenhouses. Physical distancing must be maintained at all times and access inside the greenhouses will not be not permitted.

Here's how to contact us:


Phone: 1 250 248-7023

Mailing Address: Paramount Orchids, 95 Renz Road, Parksville BC Canada V9P 1E8

Gift Certificates.  If you are not sure what orchid to buy, a solution might be to purchase a gift certificate (you can do so either by emailing us or by phoning us your purchase request.  If you wish, we would be happy to send the certificate to the recipient directly via email (if you can provide us with their email address) or to your own email address so that you can print it off and arrange to deliver it yourself. All of this can be done without leaving your home with payment being made by phone!


Orchids Shows:  At this point in time the only Orchid Show that we have attended in 2022 is the one hosted by the Central Vancouver Island Orchid Society. The Vancouver Orchid Society has announced that they will be hosting a 2 day orchid Summer sale on July 23 and 24, 2022 at the Van Dusen Gardens that we will be attending. We are accepting pre-orders until July 16, 2022 for this Summer Sale.

Pre-orders of plants for any future shows, as yet unannounced, that we might be  attending can be made by emailing us with your order ( at least7 days prior to the start of the show.


This page last updated on June 11, 2022


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