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As set out in the 'About Us" page, up until the Spring of 2021 we had been using Canada Post exclusively for retail shipping of our plants. So doing has meant that we were restricted as to when plants may be shipped (generally between April and November) as such shipments could  be impacted be inclement weather. However, beginning in March of 2021, we have been using an alternate platform for the shipping of our plants that is not quite so weather dependent and, in most cases, will  result in both a faster delivery time whilst still being competitive from a cost perspective.

In the past, with the exception of mail orders to certain parts of the coastal areas of  British Columbia, it was too early to contemplate mail order shipments to the rest of Canada until after the month of April and later for some parts of the country depending on their day/night temperatures. With the option of shipping using alternate courier services it will often be possible to ship even when the weather is not ideal (assuming that the shipment quoted delivery times are 2 business days or less). This should mean that we may be able to begin shipping as early as March and the shipping season could be extended to November BUT that will only be possible if  extreme weather conditions are not present  at the  time of shipping.

Accordingly, the shipping window for most Canadian cities can be expanded by using the new platform, with the exception of those rural areas where ground service is the only option- in which case shipping would have to be delayed until acceptable weather conditions exist.

Please note that it is not possible to insure perishable plant material, nor we do use heat packs. 

Where we use Canada Post they will attempt to provide a priority service and we will  use Express Post or Expedited Post only. Canada Post will then leave the parcel under it's protocol of "Stop, Knock and Drop".  Please check regularly to see if Canada Post has left your parcel at your home (if you receive home delivery) or at your community mailbox (if that is how you receive your mail) since your plants will be exposed to outside temperatures and could be harmed if not brought in as soon as possible.

Fortunately we do ship plants in pot so even shipments sent by ground transport that are en-route for several days or more should be fine assuming that night time temperatures cooperate the length of the route.

Shipping quotes are time sensitive and so it is imperative that clients who wish to proceed with an order after having been provided with a quote do so upon receipt of the quote as otherwise the shipping costs could change, necessitating a new quote or cancellation of the order.


Updated on February 25, 2024


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