Covid-19 virus Mail Order Policy

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To take into account spread of the Covid-19 virus on our business we are setting out our current process for mail order and request your patience and understanding of the issues affecting us in the shipping and supply of our product during this difficult time.

To put matters into context, we no longer have sufficient staff to handle the inquiries that are flooding in (our nursery is not conducive to physical separation and so we no longer have our full staff complement). Handling the day to day operations of the nursery such as answering inquiries, continuing to water and fertilize approximately 35,000 orchid plants as well as ongoing re-potting must continue. In addition to the foregoing, our mail order season has now begun and this further impacts the many other processes that we are trying to handle.

With the exception of mail orders to certain parts of the coastal areas of British Columbia, it will be too early to contemplate mail order shipments to the rest of Canada until after the month of April and later for some parts of the country depending on their day/night temperatures.   Additionally, Canada Post has advised us that they can no longer guarantee being able to meet their 'guaranteed' shipping times for Expedited or Express Post though will make efforts to prioritize them. In all likelihood, certain shipments to Eastern Canada will take significantly longer than they have in past years.

Please note that if your temperatures are not in the 8-10C range night and day, the plants could be damaged.  It is not possible to insure perishable plant material, nor we do use heat packs.  Additionally, we have been informed that there are no longer refunds offered by Canada Post for delayed postal delivery now that Canada Post may no longer be able to meet their "guaranteed delivery time".

Canada Post will still attempt to provide a priority service and we therefore will only ship using Express Post or Expedited PostCanada Post will then leave the parcel under it's pandemic protocol of "Stop, Knock and Drop".  Please check regularly to see if Canada Post has left your parcel at your home (if you receive home delivery) or at your community mailbox (if that is how you receive your mail) since your plants will be exposed to outside temperatures and could be harmed if not brought in as soon as possible.

Fortunately we do ship in pot so even shipments that are en-route for 7 days or more should be fine assuming that night time temperatures cooperate the length of the route (our understanding is that not all methods of transport used by Canada Post will provide supplemental heat in their cargo areas).

Although we are accepting orders as of April 1 we can only provide shipping quotes once the weather is conducive to shipping to your area and by that time there may be orders already ahead of yours that are being processed. Therefore we are prioritizing shipments West to East as the weather warms. This could result in our inability to provide you with some of the requested material once it is possible to ship to you (though, where possible, we will do what we can to fill your order).  Shipping quotes are time sensitive (Canada Post only quotes them for 7 business days). Further we will not be able to hold a significant numbers of plants for later shipping due to significant space constraints in the nursery.  You may want to consider waiting to place an order until your area has weather more conducive to shipping, for some of you this likely will mean May or June and for others, perhaps even later.

Please remember we are all in this together and there may be significant order requests ahead of yours so please exercise patience.

We must look after our entire business and our own safety during this unique and changing period and trust that you will understand and cooperate with us in order for us to provide a  safe service for you.

NOTE:  Effective July 1, 2020, weather permitting, we will begin processing all mail order requests based on the date we received your email making the request. If you are currently waiting in the queue for your order, we should begin sending notifications by the end of the first week of July to those clients whose orders are next in line to be filled (by date of email). For those clients who no longer are interested in proceeding with their orders, please send us an email to that effect so that we can remove you from the list of pending orders and serve those who ordered after you.


Updated on June 21, 2020


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